Aquinas Philosopher's Napa Valley Red Blend (3)

This is a $30 wine at our favorite pizza parlor, with the restaurant’s mark-up included. So to say that retail for this wine is over $40 per bottle is nonsense. More like the $20 ‘sale’ price on Woot.

Hi there. Our list price takes average shipping costs into account.

If you did some research before posting, the cheapest price I was able to find online with shipping was $86.17. Woot deal still wins

“Retail” price is probably the mothership or direct from the winery.

Unless you have a local source to pick it up yourself, this is the best deal you’ll find.

Additionally, your pizza place most likely buys in bulk and gets a further savings.

Trying to buy this and server seems really slow.

Knock yourself out. The Woot limit is 3 per customer, so go ahead and buy 9 bottles. My research is based on actual purchases, not looking on the internet. You’ll be paying $20 per bottle for a $20 wine.

Gears still spinning telling me that my order is being processed. Anyone on call to fix this?

Buehler? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

Yup best price with shipping to Cali is 79.04 for a 3 pack. So this is a good deal if you want it and live in california.