AR 900MHz Portable Wireless Speaker

Who’s ruining this. :<

**Item: **AR 900MHz Portable Wireless Speaker
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Alright, where’s the cheater making it harder for the rest of us?

I tried to write a quick little macro for this… alas, Im too dumb.


looks like the bot knows bit too

4th time today I’ve gotten it in my cart…

Still too slow.

That somebody can eat my salisbury steak! I clicked so fast a few time and it was like nope not even close…I felt like I needed the magical google internet to even have a shot!

Well so much for fooling the bot. Seriously, this is ridiculous. I have added to my cart about 4 times and made it to checkout twice. Then it’s gone before I can finish checking out. All within 2-3 seconds.

3 times in my cart and I didn’t make it. I liked it better when we had to solve problems for it. And I can’t math.

Still mostly sold in the east with a few in the north and mid west, but only 6 on the west coast an less than 10 west f the Rockies… out of 60…

GRAWHR. Was that Skemmis? Well, to whomever: FSK YEA.

I think if they just moved where the link was on the page it would give a bot or macro trouble.

i wrote the bot. unfortunately, mine just took over my toaster and burned my bread. Bread Over Charred.

Like, nine times in my cart, and I agree with you entirely. Except I vote for not-math.

Some days all you get is crap. But tonight just doesn’t seem to be my night. whine

Did you name your bot Raoul?

Mean bots