AR 900MHz Wireless Outdoor Speaker



I wonder if this would work for tv? I need a wireless speaker for my tv…

all the wireless speakers for tv’s all seem to cost a billion dollars.


Father-in-law has one for the pool and it works great. Transmitter stays inside 50’ away. Only takes a few seconds for base to connect to unit.


I don’t see why not if the TV has audio out in 3.5mm or RCA.


Can you connect more that one up to the transmitter?


It says you can add on speakers. Pretty good reviews on Amazon.


Would this work if i live on a canal(salt water) or would it corrode like the other speakers i have had?


This almost looks like a brown TARDIS…


Frequency range anyone?


Thank you


So if I purchase two of them right now from woot, I should be able to connect the two?


From amazons page it states 40Hz-15kHz. There is a really nice chart showing their different models on that page.


40Hz from a 3" woofer? doubt it.


I don’t know if that is just their marking number but I found their manual here and has the same specs.

I like the AW851 just not their price. Looks like they replace your outdoor lights.


I have two of these, paid $85 new (on sale) bought them to use outside for a party, playing Pandora on my iPad. They work good, We use them inside mostly now though.
I have two connected to one base, (they can also be set to be right and left). They can plug into anything that has a headphone jack (iPad, phone, computer etc…)

To make this even better I use my Logitech Wireless music system I bought on Woot years ago. that is plugged into my wired inside speakers, then I have a splitter that sends it to the wireless speakers where I place outside (or upstairs). Now instead of having to take my music device (computer iPad, phone etc…) to the wireless speaker base, I can carry them around.

Great price compared to what I paid.
Easy to setup,
Runs on batteries or plug in. requires 6 AA batteries, (I keep mine plugged in most of the time)
You can hear a popping sound when there is interference or you are getting a ways from the transmitter.

I would recommend this, thinking about getting more.


Yes, they act just like radios receiving your transmitter. If you you have two in the same room, set one to “L” and the other to “R” and you’ll have stereo. You only will need one of the transmitters.

I wonder, if you could use the spare transmitter(s) as range extenders or would the noise get out of control>


Bought 2 of these at Home Depot for 80 each because of the great reviews on Amazon. Returned after using them for the day. I would reconsider them for this price though. If you’re planning on using them around your gazebo/patio set for for background music or maybe relaxing by yourself I would recommend these - but we turned them up for some horseshoes and corn hole, and at any kind of higher volume it definitely put off that crackly radio sound. So we plugged them in - with the same result. For the money, we decided we would rather save it for something else to hopefully come around in the future.


I don’t see why you couldn’t buy 100’s of these speakers to work together.

You could do 4 channel surround by putting one on left channel 1, left ch 2, right ch 1 and right ch 2 and off you go.

Or buy 4, 6, 8 … and put some on left mode and some on right mode to just have normal stereo.
I’m just guessing here, can’t see why this would be a problem.

So does this have RCA jacks on the transmitter but the cable it comes with is RCA to 3.5mm aka 1/8" headphone jack?
I’m tempted


That’s actually what I thought it was at first.


These things would be ideal for that monstrous hangout house I’ll probably never have, for the parties I’ll never throw.