AR 900MHz Wireless Speaker - 2 Choices

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**Item: **AR 900MHz Wireless Speaker - 2 Choices
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Factory Reconditioned

Translation: Someone else thought they were crap.

Too me, “Factory Reconditioned” means that they’ve fixed whatever went wrong with the darn thing, so that I don’t have to worry about it. Manufacturers no longer test products for quality control, they leave that to the consumers.

Bought an AR remote a few years ago. When the web site it required to function went out of existence, the remote became a useless paperweight. I contacted AR’s support and their answer was pretty much a variation on “too bad so sad.”
I will never, ever buy another AR product. They make garbage and do not stand behind their products.

I’m fascinated by how both photos for this wireless speaker show it connected via a wire.

Bought a similar one (AWS73) at Target on end-of-season clearance (brand new) for the same price (50% off original), and so far the sound quality is good. I couldn’t imagine having the deal with AR’s customer service, though, because it was a pain to try to find additional help & info online. The manuals say you can use 2 speakers simultaneously (they have a switch for changing each unit to “left” or “right”), so I emailed their support to find out if they sold the speakers individually, as I wouldn’t need a second wireless transmitter. Their response, several days later, was essentially, “Yes you can use 2 at once” (it says this in the manual pretty clearly) “but we don’t sell them.” No, “here’s a list of retailers who do” or anything like that. Overall, happy with the speaker so far, but I’m hoping it waits a couple of years to crap out on me.

Just gonna toss this out there;

You could paint it blue and put a little light on top. Boom, TARDIS speaker.

My wife bought these new for me for Father’s Day. Paid 2 and a half times the amount for each one. Ugh! (trying to figure out how I can return mine and buy these.) :slight_smile:

While they are wireless, there is a rediculous amount of wire length for when connecting a device direct to a speaker or the transmitters, etc. Not a huge deal, just odd. Usually companies skimp on wire length.

The Left and Right button works pretty easily, you end up with stereo as opposed to mono with buying just one. Maybe that’s obvious. Setup honestly was straightforward and quick. Sound is decent and outside will probably sound good around a pool or decent size deck. Trying to entertain even a medium sized party though outside might get difficult. Point is I was disappointed with how loud these get. I had them all the way up, inside my house downstairs and my 15 month old stayed asleep upstairs.

All in all we were happy, for what we wanted there wasn’t much other choice out there and they seem to be popular and get good reviews on Amazon.

What is the size I.e., external dimension of these speakers?

Are there any significant differences between the two models, or are the differences only cosmetic?

I bought this for fathers day a couple years ago. Its mainly used plugged into an AC outlet outside receiving a feed from the pc indoors about 50-75 feet away. This thing has a good sound. It can be turned up loud enough for an outdoor scenario with many people around and still be heard fine. The bass is also fine.

I have both models, both refurbs from here… I think model 5RWS3 sounds better. Both have same drivers…Recommend…

Will this speaker be very loud? I need one i can hear over a 18 wheeler running.

Please!!! I need an answer.

Which of the two are you looking at?

Does anyone know if these are weather proof/weather resistant?

Don’t waste your money. The one I bought lasted about 3 weeks.