AR 900MHz Wireless Speaker - 2 Choices

This here fancy bug zapper plays music?

Check out these comments from when these were offered in July

Let’s Check out the manual

Have one. Works great.

Anyone know how this thing would hold up if used in a steamy bathroom? I’ve been looking for something decent and inexpensive to amplify CSPAN while I’m in the shower but I don’t want to ruin a shiny new speaker that way.

That’s right, CSPAN. It’s my thing.

I purchased a set a year ago. Ok I’ll admit it… I have a mancave… In the woodshop/garage area and paint area I wanted speakers. I also wanted to have speakers outdoors occasionally. Buying two of these has given me an inexpensive versatile option that, when paired with the sound bar of the interactive tv, has made them perfect for my application.

For some reason they won’t work the audio of Fox News or reality TV programming. The mancave is my happy place.

If these are wireless why do both pictures have wires going to them from the device?

The speaker operates primarily by attaching device to transmitter and transmitting to speaker. However, you have the option of directly connecting your device to the speaker…which is being illustrated.

I bought two and since you only need 1 transmitter I have a spare. You must plug your source into their trasmitter box.They use the 900MHz ISM band which was once popular for wireless phones and they have about the same range, (50-100m) depending upon obstructions (e.g. how many walls). One thing I don’t understand is if I change the FM radio channel I’m listening to 89.7MHz, the audio at the speaker fades in and out -seems to be hunting for a new 900MHz channel. Tuning to a different FM station shouldn’t have any effect but it seems to interfere somehow with transmission over the 900MHz wireless link. Good sounding speaker for $40 and with two you can do stereo

Don’t waste your money. The one I bought last time they were offered lasted 2 months.

Unless you don’t care a bit about sound quality, these are not worth it. They don’t get anywhere near the claimed range, and even relatively close, they get dropouts and during quiet passages, you can hear the radio frequency hum. There are tons of good bluetooth options available these days.

These are awesome, if you like loud static popping noises.

I have two, one that mounts to the wall with a light and this one here that I got earlier here on Woot! I think they work well. They are not high fidelity, however, I don’t have the issues that the others are claiming.

You do have to watch your sound levels both what you send and what you play at. If you go full on in both you will have drop outs. These aren’t designed to be concert speakers.

But to hear streaming music or mp3 or whatever, they do fine. We listen when doing yard work or in the Hot Tub or Pool.

This model can run off batteries making it totally portable or plugged in (included). Which might be the wire shown in the pictures. Or as previously posted, wired straight from your device.

I concur that they are not great.
Mine works ~25 ft from transmitter and gives medium quality sound. Use on deck for tunes with dinner, or when sitting outside.
Keep using it, as it was a gift.

The speakers work well but they are definitely the most “reconditioned” looking item I have ever received from Woot.

One speaker had substantial residue in the battery compartment from a previously removed exploded AA. The other set’s wireless transmitter looked like it was well used with a lot of scratches and scuffs.

Both work well but not the prettiest…