AR EcoFicient Surge Protector

**Item: **AR EcoFicient Surge Protector
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Here is a 5 star review from HHGREGG and a 1 star from Amazon

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Can you override the control of outlets and have them on all the time?

Probably by just not using the Ecoficient outlet for the computer, or using that outlet for something that is always on.

A typical lightning bolt has 5 billion joules of energy. No little box can stop that. Conventional wisdom is to buy the surge suppressor with the highest joule rating. Actual protection from lightning is only provided by a whole house direct earth ground.
These are also commonly called smart power strips. The better ones have an adjustable threshold voltage for the control outlet, so you can fine tune the switched outlets.
I’m using a smart power strip for my home theater. Very useful for the on/off of the powered subwoofers using the AV receiver at the control outlet.

Anyone know if this is sensitive enough to tell if a 23" monitor comes out of sleep mode in order to turn on the managed outlets? I leave one of my computers on 24/7 and I would like to use something like this to turn on the second monitor and speakers when the main monitor comes out of sleep mode.

Yaaaa, I purchased this exact one from woot about a month ago. Don’t get it.

I am glad to see Woot offering this device, since I truly believe that serge is an affront to fabric lovers everywhere! I have but one question: is the protection effective against all kinds of serge, even the worsted variety?

Will it work on a 220 volt outlet?

If you’re basing your advice on your personal experience, tell us about it. Don’t just tell us not to get it.

I looked at the manual online. Looks like there is no way to override the managed switches. Other similar devices allow you to override if you want to use this as a regular extended multi-power surge protector.

The good thing is the USB chargers can supply a full 2.1 amps which makes it great for charging iPads. But I don’t think the high power will work for Android devices. The maximum it will provide is 500mA to Android tablets since they need to see the two middle USB pins shorted together. I don’t believe this has that (the manual doesn’t mention it). Usually, if it says “iPads”, then the two middle pins are not shorted.

Great question!

Great advice!

Use caution when you plug your printers and scanners into these. Most printers don’t like to just lose power. You need to power them down with the power down so they can properly park the cartridges and such.


I am interested in getting this but wonder why someone who purchased it in the past gives it a “Do NOT get it!” comment.

I have one of those enormous APC battery backup plus surge protectors and it is ALWAYS buzzing and dying!!! I hate the thing and am looking for something simpler! Meaning dont need the battery backup thingie as it seems not to work anyways!

One of these seems to be perfect for my set up so???

I have lost 2 computers even being connected to a surge protector, during power surges. What you need is a battery backup for your computer so that in the loss of power you still have time to power down the computer without damage. My battery backup, even though it is more expensive than a surge protector, is much cheaper than replacing a computer. That’s for sure.

HA!! Good One!!

Dangit… I JUST got a new surge protector, which I suspect is LESS awesome than this one…

They don’t even sell Surge, anymore. How is this suppose to protect me from something that isn’t even on the market?

I purchased 2 of these. I’m not worried about the cool features, but it was the 6 foot cord that sold me. We were looking for a power bar and surge protector with a longer cord and this works.