Arbios Cellars Alexander Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 Pack

Arbios Cellars Alexander Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 Pack
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2 2005 Arbios Cellars Alexander Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2006 Arbios Cellars Alexander Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
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Bill and I are thrilled to be bringing this special vertical of our flagship, estate-grown Arbios Cabernet to you today. The timing was perfect for us to put two vintages into a special 3 bottle offer. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about the wine. We love to hear from the Wine Woot community. Cheers!
And who’s beem sipping those Cabernet!

Wow…you almost beat Cesare! Welcome, and I hope your day in the spotlight goes well :slight_smile:

First question: What style are you aiming for and can you compare to other Cabs and Cab-based blends in NorCal?

What are the cooperage stats on each? It says french, but I think that’s it. Forgive me if it mentions in the vmail.

Edit: Oops, mentions 24 months. Was it all new oak?

the 05’ cellar tracker link didnt work. please use this one instead.

What was your reasoning behind leaving a pinch of residual sugar in the 2006?

Dirty glassware during the analysis?

What’s the drinking window on these?

CT has it to 2014. I’d say based on the relatively low alcohol content and pH it will age for at least a couple more years. I like all the talk of it being more styled towards an old-style wine.

Silly question warning…Do these bottles have paper labels or are they the screened type?

black tie Wednesday? oh well, in for one

You ship, to Texas, during the summer?

If I’m understanding the numbers correctly, the sub 14% alcohol, lower pH, and under 25 brix, it sounds like a more restrained, classically styled wine that should age well. I’d love to hear rpm’s and other’s opinions as well!

It is 30% new oak every year. All French oak barrels. About two years in barrel.

I am not good at comparisons…will ask Bill when it’s a reasonable time here…I usually say that he makes wines that are sort of Old World - New World. Not overly jammy or high in alcohol, but the expression of the grape in a more classic Cabernet style.

We have library wines back to 1993 and they taste beautiful. These wines do age really well, but we also keep them a long time so that they are ready to drink now.

Don’t think we did…again will ask winemaker…for some reason I have a terrible time with RS stats and percentages…

These have no paper label. It is silkscreened in red and 14K gold. Not looking forward to the next run of bottles with the current price of gold!

woot summer shipping is in effect. $7 instead of $5, and shipping is on refrigerated trucks.