Arbios Library Cabernet Sauvignon (3)

I first tried this 2006 Cabernet when Arbios Library offered a 3 pack on Woot consisting of a 2006, a 2010, and third vintage randomly selected by the winery. I lucked out and received its inaugural 1993 Cabernet. I had that ASAP and it was very good. I had the 2006 a few months afterwards, and felt it was even better. So this is the perfect chance to get some more.

Thank you so much for your comment & purchase! I am delighted to hear from someone who has tried this vintage recently. And glad you drank the 1993 right away! I’ll check back if anyone has a question.

I’d be interested in which vintages you think are drink now.
Oldest I’ve got is the '99.

Bill thinks you should have a few more years on the '99. The oldest we have had recently is a 1996; it was gorgeous, but generally we expect 20 years to be about the maximum hold time on our wines.

Thank you all for your purchases. We hope your wines will be enjoyed in the coming year and after!