ArcadeMX Two Player Joystick System for PlayStation2


[imgleft][/imgleft] ArcadeMX Two Player Joystick System for PlayStation2 - Sunday, October 02, 2005
Item qty: 320, Last Order: 2:51 AM CST, Wooter to blame: hammerhead808
Order Pace: 0m 32.106s, Woot Wage: $3,362.73/hour.


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It is our understanding that any PS2 to Xbox (or PS2 to GameCube) controller converter will work with this system. Note: we have not tried this out, and are not connected to any of the linked sites, so buyer beware and all that. Here’s a Froogle search for such things:

PS2 to XBox
PS2 to GameCube

Again, without having tested that ourselves, we’re going solely on the feature list of this item. It does appear that the item will work on the XBox and GameCube with a proper converter, though.


What the??? Woot please put on playstations first then sell the accessories.

Oh well there’s tomorrow. Nice deal on the sony remote tho, too bad I missed that one.



Bahhh the PS2 is going to be replaced before X-mas anyways. Anyone who has one now I am sure has controllers or they are using it as a bookend.

Not to mention the fact that you almost have to have your PS2 hooked up at or in front of a table that you can sit at with this controller, because two people can’t put it in eachother’s laps.

I guess you could have a 3rd roomate on hands and knees with the joystick on his/her back while the other two sit at a couch. Or perhaps a coffee table would work (lots of bending over).

Only real use I see for this is to run Unix and Mame on your PS2 and build a cabinet and make your own arcade machine. After buying this and two converters for xbox or PC or GC you could probably find a similar stick for full price for whatever system you want it on.

p.s. The maker of this stick is actually selling arcade guns for $0.00


ArcadeMX Two Player Joystick System for PlayStation2

  • $5 shipping

cool idea, but i left my video games home


That’s pretty cool. Too bad no PS2 though.


if only i were an arcade gamer . . .


Two Woot sticks are better than one!




would anyone actually use this?




Why not for Xbox? Huh Woot? How come? Man… You guys hate me, dont you?


Although may look nice, it’s often very cumbersome for two players to use one controller at the same time. One jerks left, one jerks right, then all heck breaks loose. Think before you buy this one…


Great for some…not so much for me…night night!


old school
no thanks


Thats totally not what I was expecting. Interesting.


why would you want this?


Not today…


dont need this think ill pass, but its a great deal WOOT!!! thanks,


first page… woohoo (my way of saying - whatever)