Archer Cellars Red Blend (6)

Archer Cellars Red Blend 6-Pack
Sold by: AW Direct, LLC
$54.99 $107.94 49% off List Price
2013 Archer Cellars California Red Blend

I guess for $50ish…All the info you get is alcohol content…LOL…

If you want a “rec” at 10ish a bottle…Try “The Show”

For the price …Bout as good as gets in the every day area…

Any thoughts on the what varietals comprise the blend and what part of california the vineyard are located in?

$10 a bottle for a red blend with no info about where it came from, when it was made, etc? I googled the label and nothing. More info needed. Buying bulk wine on woot should offer a good deal. $10/bottle with no info is not a good deal. Please give me more info on how I’m wrong.

I agree! Was going to buy but no info - I’ll stick with what I know…

For what it’s worth, vivino has it rated at 3.8/5 based upon 2 comments:

“Nice, light, easy drinking red”
“Smooth and easy to drink”

I would agree with the “every day” comment above.

Danger zone.

Alcohol % is the only stat?

First Sucker: kaymorr

Emphasis on “sucker” IMO.

40% Zinfandel
25% Merlot
20% Cabernet
15% Poop

Isn’t Archer Farms a Target brand? Not sure if it’s related, but it would explain a few things.

I didn’t see biodynamic on the label anywhere…

I just got this and I like it. Nice price point too.