Archgon Aluminum External Super Drive

Archgon Aluminum External Super Drive

Will this work with Windows 10

According to the Woot features and the Amazon listing description as wall as some of the “questions and answers” on Amazon it is compatible with Windows.


Does this read/write Bluetooth as well?

Uhm, it’s a USB drive. I don’t see where it talks about Bluetooth.

If you mean “Does this read/write Blu-ray?”, then I believe the answer is “no”.

Does anyone know the capacity of these drives and what sort of storage medium is inside the case?

No storage medium was included with mine.

This is a DVD drive – not a hard drive or SSD.

But will it work with Chromebook? That would be super Wooty!

Should work, but with limitations.

Sounds like read-only for basic files. No burning or playing media files.

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Mine did not include a USB-C cable. Disappointed.

Hello there. Did you double check ALL the packaging? These are new and looking at reviews, I don’t see any comments about missing cables.

If you don’t find it, please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

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It burns. It’s a Panasonic DVD Super-Multi drive inside. It seems to burn all the mainstream formats - here’s a screenshot from VSO Inspector.

Isn’t VSO Inspector a Windows Application? Wooter4676293 asked if this device works with a Chromebook and bsmith1 said that is appears to be read only with the Chromebook OS…


No USB-C cable in mine.

Drive is USB 2.0 and includes a Dual USB A to miniUSB cable.

Contacted support and got a refund.

Oh, thanks. Sometimes I forget that not everyone has their Chromebook running Linux.