Architectural Mailboxes

I’ve got model 5100B, which has a small locked parcel-drop / storage area. The price of these things are pretty stiff, but in our research, we found very little that was 1) more affordable, and 2) just as functional, and 3) just as sturdy. So we bit the bullet and bought one last year. It’s been mounted ever since, and we really enjoy having the cavernous area in case we happen to leave for a week.

Is it weather proof?

Hello - this is the manufacturer, if you are inquiring about the model depicted, this particular unit should be mounted under a porch or some type of overhang. It is not waterproof, however, all of our mailboxes are designed so that there is minimal water intrusion.

Welcome and thanks for coming in to answer questions.

Hey wooters, it’ll help if you give the name or link to the sale that you’re asking about. :happy:

I have the Oasis mailbox and, if it rains, the bottom pieces of mail always get wet. It is like there the water intrudes from the bottom up. It makes sense as there are “drain holes” in the bottom of the box.

Also, mine is rusting in several spots along the top and sides, mostly it appears where the “rivets” are. This is a replacement box that the manufacturer sent me as my first one had the same issue. I decided not to bother them for a replacement again and just live with the rust.

TL/DR - a fine mailbox for the price. Does what it is supposed to do but mine leaks and hasn’t held its looks like I expected an expensive mailbox would.