Archos 10.1" 8GB Android Tablet

Archos makes bad tablets. Simply put. I almost bought one here a couple months ago and am very glad I didn’t. Check this previous woot. At least two other woots also if you search around, with similar or worse stories:

Android 2.2 was released May 20, 2010.

So that is how old the OS on this thing is.

I have the 8 inch version of this and both update to Android ICE 4.03. They are great tablets for the money and does everything that my Motorola Xoom 10 inch does just as fast. They have great battery life and I watch Netflix on it all the time and use the Kindle APP for reading. Facebook, Google Cloud, and all the Google stuff, plus Firefox works great on it with flash support. Buy a digital camera for photos, don’t gripe about photos if your using a cell phone or tablet to take pictures… please.

There is a sure trend of OS version and onward developments with the years, but this has not always been true. Some hardware are designed with specific capability in mind, and some software were golden no matter what age hardware you toss it at. Just look back on Android, and XP.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it somewhat odd that the amount of RAM is not listed in the specs.

A quick google says it’s 256MB, but that type of stuff should be listed here…no?

i just want a big tablet so I can load games for my cats. They don’t show much interest on the 7 in tablet.

How do you connect to a cell phone for 3G service ? I know it said through Bluetooth, but does it take a certain type of phone or just any with a 3G plan ?

My tablet is Android 2.2. I use it a lot. But it is limited when it comes to things like on-line video.

New Android tablets with later versions of Android are on the market for a price that is not that different. Though this one has a 10" screen, overall, there is little appeal here because the price,though a deep discount from original list, is not favorable given the features, the age of the device, and the market. This tablet would be fun to own, but other tablets could be owned brand new for a comparable price.

This Woot deal is much less attractive than other Woot deals. This tablet looks fun in some ways, but the pricing is not favorable. I hope that Woot will either offer this one at a deep markup from this sale figure, or, better yet, offer a new Android tablet with at least 2.3 (and preferably 3.0 or 4.0) at a similar price.

I think the proper terminology is ‘tethering.’

What you do is you have your phone act as a mobile wifi spot and then connect to your cell phone through wireless, but this is a feature you need to purchase for your plan. I have an LG Ally for Verizon, and it would cost $20 a month extra for the tethering feature, at like 8gb, I think?

This is a generation 8 not a gen 9 like you have. It does not upgrade to ICS. There hasn’t been one custom ROM made that hasn’t lost wireless or other major system after the upgrade was done.
This is a great Tab if your only using it for Music or video and checking your email and doing some simple apps. Once you start running multiple apps and do even the slightest of Multitasking your tablet will go to a crawl due to the fact there is only 256 mb memory. Netflix and HBOGO work great with this tab. Even a moderate drop will break the lcd screen on this tablet because of the poor materials used for body construction in order to sell at cheaper prices than most tablets on the market.

No shipping to APO :frowning:

Really? Woot ships everything to my APO. I got a bike here and a 32" TV last year.

I think the timing is bad, since tomorrow is Amazon’s announcement about their upcoming products. It is widely assumed that their will be a new Kindle Fire announced–possibly two. No one knows if their will be a large Fire but Amazon did follow that patern with their eink kindles (first the small kindle, then the DX).

Apple’s announcement isn’t until the 12th, but those who are without tablet may want to wait until then. IMHO, no one should buy a new tablet until after Amazon’s announcement unless the current offerings are exactly what they want at the price they want.

Before buying a tablet make a short five item list iof the features most important to you and compare that list against the tablets you are comparing. Experts compare tablets on specs and what they think is important-your needs might be different.

Here’s the Amazon tablet discussion forum, nothing specifically on this one.

Wait. Actually they can’t now because of the ban on shipping lithium batteries. That’s why no APO.

My aunt bought one of these a while back on sale. It makes a fine paper-weight.

Sorry, blame the postal service. They decided to stop shipping lithium batteries overseas. :frowning:

My sons birthday was last month, and I had ordered the Archos 43 Internet tablet (
and for the first time, for me, the thing got lost in the mail (shame on me for not using woot).
Refunded, no problems, but now I’m wondering if I should grab one of these…I just want something he can run some simple games on (like apples-app store games, I’m told I can do the same on Archos).

Question though, can it see a windows network? It’d be nice if he could stream music/video from the home file-server.

I bought one of these last time around and I sold it within a week. What a piece of junk! The touch screen is BAD, the OS is OLD, its SLOW. You can root it and put the Google Play store on it, but why? Its such a frustrating experience that I didn’t even want to give it to my kids. The price is too high considering you can get a Nexus 7 with the same amount of memory with the latest OS and super fast chipset for $80 more. That’s what I did when I sold mine. Don’t do it unless you want to be very disappointed after you open the box.

Sorry Staff, but unfortunately you are wrong on this one. This is not a US Postal Service regulation. This is a regulation of all of the post office services/postes/etc. It is called the Universal Poste Union.

Please do not blame the idiocracy of the entire world, solely on one government’s agency :slight_smile: