Archos 10.1" 8GB Android Tablet

Archos. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Your past products and policies have pointed me toward other manufacturers.

Any Archos Product is a digital P.O.S (piece of S*&T!) I ordered one a year ago and had to send it back 4 times because of the OS…I finally wiped it myself and installed Win 7 and it works OK (sometimes).

I am so glad I read the reviews of this item from fellow Wootites (Wooters?, Wootians?) before I made this purchase. Looks like I saved myself some hassle. Thanks!

ICS is being worked on for this device if you are willing to root it:
They have to skip 3.0 (honeycomb) but apparently ICS can work.

List of all OS’s being developed for this tablet:

I purchase this exact last month at 129.99. When i received it, i was impressed since this is my first, however when i look this tablet over there was a broken 1gb microSD stuck in the sd slot. I was furious because if this is a refurished up, why in the heck would Archos just reset the device and sell it again without fixing the problem. I tried calling the customer service line and they want me to pay for get back to them and i might have to pay for the repair even though it was messed up when i got it. I even wrote letters and trying to call the corporate office with no luck in getting the customer complaint rep to contact me back. Overall, the tablet suck on new games and watching video such as youtube. The only game the looks good on this tablet is samurai vengence II and the good market says it not compatible, but gamea like GTA III, forget about. This good for regular web.surfing and read e book. I recommendation is waiting for a tablet with a least ice cream for Android os because the viewing angle suck on thos tablet as well, you have to look at it dead on or it give you the old crt monitor look lol . Becareful if you are purchasing this device because Archos customer service suck and you might be stuck with a tablet in worse shape than mine is. I have not contacted woot about becuase they are the middle man however they did sell me a defective unit and they should be upset becuase archos just made woot look bad in the process

Sorry for the topo’s i am sitting in back of a moving humvee trying to type lol

I agree, bought this last time around because it has flash support. My girl’s Ipad wouldn’t load our online class videos, but this thing would. Is it the greatest tablet out there… come on its $119. It does the basics with no complains, if you need more than that then spend some $$$ on a better device.

The only way I ever got my old Archos replaced by them was to contact the better business bureau in Colorado… Sorry you got sucked into it… My best advice is contact the BBB and if you ever get it up and running, dump it on craigslist quickly before it craps out again.

Right now all I use it for is to display PDFs for lyrics. It does a terrible job at that, but it’s good enough I haven’t gone back to using the tiny 7" screen on my Kindle Fire. It’s OK for surfing the net in a pinch, but viewing angles are TERRIBLE. Seriously, things look different from one side of the screen to the other, it’s that bad. It’ll probably get sent to the kitchen to do digital cookbook duty once I find a decent 10" replacement.

This unit will still do a lot of things the iPad will not, but this version - as others have said, is not upgradeable and it will NOT connect to the Google Store for Apps. I connected mine to Amazon, but it’s getting limited - don’t expect many new apps to work, and some app-upgrades may break on this older platform. Otherwise this one streams video great - from the Net/wi-fi and from my central server in the house.

Didn’t Archos make the first tablet? Way before the iPad.

Archos warning: abort abort!

Here is a link 2 two tablets that are 100X better than this Archos POS.

For $159:"+16GB+Tablet+Computer+-+Titanium/a603623263-c0-s1.html"1_10196823_0.jpg",424,335

Fort a little more at $189 today (I prefer this model)"+16GB+Tablet+Computer/a603618276-c0-s4.html"1_10206190_0.jpg",424,335

Either of these tablets will beat the snot out of any Archos. They are better quality, they both upgrade to ICS.
Besides the price, the devices are quite similar except there is no rear-facing camera or HDMI port on the A200. The A200 also has a bit of a different shape from most of Acer’s other tablets, and its rounded corners are not quite as distinctive as the A500’s slightly tapered ones. Additionally, the A200 trades in the A500’s aluminum back cover for a plastic one.

So do yourself a favor and spend the extra $39-$69 and get a real tablet. Don’t think that the Archos would be great for a kid - it won’t, it will crash , it has poorer resolution and cheaper components.

No- here is a history

Archos started their reign back in the day of PMP (personal media players). They were notorious for advertising “great specs”, yet all their stuff had buggy performance issues. Then they had the awesome idea of making you pay to download their codecs, while all the other manufacturers offered them free in their firmware or later firmware upgrades. Don’t you wonder why there are so many negative reviews of Archos vs positive ones?

Everyone reading this right now who’s even remotely considering this:

PLEASE do not buy this.

I can’t stress this enough.

You WILL regret it, especially at this price.

Archos is damn near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Android-powered tablets. The only thing you could possibly get that is any worse are those Walmart/Walgreens/Westinghouse 99 dollar tablets.

The quality of the hardware is horrific. The screen resolution for a 10 inch tablet is abysmal. Android 2.2 is well over 2 years old, and many apps now and especially in the coming months will require 2.3 or later.

If this was 25-50 dollars and you needed a cheap gift, I would say go for it. But not at this price. Don’t even touch it.

Do yourselves a favor, and spend a little more money and go for the 8GB Nexus 7, direct from Google. $199. Sure it’s only 7 inches, but if you look online, it is clearly the BEST overall Android tablet on the market right now. Performance matches and in a lot of cases is even better than the higher priced 600 dollar ASUS tablets.

It has Android 4.1 Jellybean which is by and far the fastest version of Android yet. Being a Nexus device, it will always be the first in line for updates, and going by Google’s track record with Nexus devices, you can expect about 2 years worth of timely updates. And while the screen is 3 inches smaller, it has a higher 720p HD resolution, which means pixel density is insanely high.

The 80 dollars it costs over and above this POS is money WELL worth spent.

Please don’t end up with this product, or any Archos product for that matter.

THANK you for that post, I went with the $159 ACER you listed for my son, I think he’ll be very happy over the Archos product(s). Looks like he’ll be able to pretty easily stream music and video from our network too, very awesome :slight_smile:

My son has the A500, and has that thing packed full of games, learning stuff, he emails, texts, frings (like skype but better), takes pictures and videos, with the use of MX videoplayer it will play any native video file I have thrown at it without having to transcode it (including .mkv files). Keep in mind if you need to return- you must contact RedTag within 15 days from purchase date to initiate a return,then you have 15 days to get it to them after you receive the RMA. I have had good luck with them in the past, the 1 tablet I had to return because it was defective (they did not have one to exchange), they gave me a full refund. Basically when you get it, charge it , do all the updates and play with it hard for a few days to make sure everything is stable- just in case you need to do an RMA. Have fun.

You CAN put Google Play on this tablet using ArcTools which you can download in the AppsLib which is what this tablet uses as its Android MarketPlace/ Play Store.

Here’s some pics to show you Play Store running on my Archos 10.1.

ArcTools in AppsLib:

Play Store running on my 10.1:

That being said, I don’t use my 10.1 tablet for much besides playing music while I’m working. :slight_smile:

The tablet is slow and slow to react to touch. It plays music and video fine though. Has a built-in kick-stand for movies. For the price it might be fine for some people’s needs.

It all depends on what definitions you arbitrarily include and exclude, but a pretty good case could be made for the Nokia 770. It was a great concept and awful execution.

still got my archos 7 with video dock.

i have an n770 and an n800- they are still useful in an extremely basic way… but the tech packed into them was pretty amazing for their time. kind of makes me wonder how nokia is not the tablet king?