Archos 504 40GB Portable Media Player with Travel Adaptor



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Archos 504 40GB Portable Media Player with Travel Adaptor
$199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Archos 504 40GB Portable Media Player - 500869
  • 1 Archos DVR Travel Adaptor - 500875


bigger screen and navigation would be great!


Too bad I already got a Zune


kickin of the week in style, eh woot!?.. useful linkage has comparison shopping links for all of it… miami style… as it were… if you know what that means, i’ll give you a buck.


Anyone heard of this company? Looks decent…


hey, it more or less works with a Mac:

Minimum system requirements: Windows® ME, 2000, XP or higher – Mac OS v.10.3.9 and Linux (with mass storage device support).

For PlaysForSure: PC with windows® XP SP2 or higher and Windows Media® Player 10 or higher – USB 2.0 interface (compatible USB 1.1).


I have one of these but in the 160GB size. Perfect iPod k iller.


Never fails… just bought the 604 for a million dollars and Woot has the 504 40gb way cheaper… Gah. You guys are a few days behind me.


Does this play mpeg-4 with B frames ?


A cool product but the new 605 is coming out this Summer sometime and is only $100 more and has wifi. Im gonna wait.


these are awesome, if id idnt buy my yukai and love it id be all over this.


80 gig on ebay for 200


Very good company, And easy to mod the insides to support any 2.5 HDD.



Uh, guys . . . I think we’re being a little ambitious here.


Archos is a very good company, I enjoy their products. It runs DIVX and you can hook it up to your TV to watch anything you want on the big screen.


no divx, no sale


The screen on these things is amazing! Great pocket video and photo gizmo! Removable battery is a nice feature. Tempted…


I have a friend that swears by ARCHOS and will buy nothing else. He says its the best thing out for the money. I’m not rushing to get one, but he may be right.


Um, no.