Archos 7 8GB Home Tablet with Android

Own one. Not worth buying.

Believe it has Android 1.6, slow processor, doesn’t take new updates very well. Save your money.

Forgot to mention:


Uses a resistive touch, NOT capactive!

Android 1.6?

Oh brother…

Youtube -

Right on price with this one.

Anybody who buys this tablet needs this site:

Can this be Vegan rooted ?

Capacitive or Resistive screen? makes ALL the difference!

Mixed reviews at;summaryRatings

The price is good, however! The range on cnet was from around $100-140.

Definitely not the best thing on the market right now but with this price it is a cheap alternative to an ipad or xoom or any of the other tablets out now. One plus side is that it has 720p resolution so it works well for watching movies.

Compare this to the Sony Dash I just bought (for less). Go.

not the greatest tablet out there, but if you just want something to do some light internet browsing, or reading on, it works nicely. it will not do flash, so YouTube doesn’t work on it, and it cannot use either the android marketplace or the amazon app market. the app market it has access to is limited, but has apps that work on the tablet.

ok what is the main difference between this one and the one over at 1saleaday.

not if it were free!, well if it were free id give it to you, dont want my life touched by these!

Can you root a new rom on this.

Engadget Review

Amazon linky (3.5 stars)

Resistive touchscreen, and Android 1.6…

Be aware:

Archos announced new tablets, dual core CPU, Android 3.1, starting at $279. It’s a hell of a lot more expensive, the 7 would be a good PMP at this price point, but if you want a tablet comparable to the Xoom, get one of their new line.

This says “extendable via micro SDHC Slot”. How extendable is it? Does anyone know what the maximum size it will support?

New at Amazon:

Nobody likes it there either.

Wow this is a new low…

This is the equivalent of buying a Atari from the 80’s…