Archos AV700 40GB 7 inch Portable Media Player



Froogle: $391.50 $348-590
Shopzilla: $348-590
Yahoo!: $469
Amazon: No Results?

Review by CNET: 6.7 out of 10


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BizRate Prices… from $348

Shopzilla Prices… from $348 Prices… from $349

MSN Shopinng Prices… from $500+

6.7 CNET Editor’s Rating… but 8.5 user rating… weird

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Archos AV700 40GB 7" Portable Media Player
$289.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Archos AV700 40GB 7” Portable Media Player

This woot was last offered 10/12/06 during the last WOOT-OFF for the same price.

The Archos AV500 30GB 4” Portable Media Player was offered 10/11/06, the day before for $269.99 + $5 shipping.


$348 at Sprenzy. Sprenzy now displaying Amazon reviews (4 out 5) from 11 reviewers.

$348 from Pricegrabber

4 out 5 review from PCMag


I just bought one during the wootoff, it’ll arrive today.




Go Cards!!!

Um, ok, Jason Toon and I are in St. Louis. This looks like a nice small player, wasn’t there one like it recently but 30GB?


Nice product. I love Archos products, as they make solid products, usually for much less money than competitors.


“It ain’t over till it’s over” - St. Louis resident


You can almost get a laptop for this price with a 40gb hardrive. Waste of time…goodnight everyone


Should have bought this instead of that stupid iSee 360i ipod video recorder… what a waste.


if only it had wifi. . . .


meh…i’m getting lazy, copy and paste.


go ozzy!


nice picture


Weeeeeeeeeeeee! First sucker again! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!


CNET editors’ review
6.7 out of 10The good: Huge screen; supports PlaysForSure audio and video; wide viewing angle; records audio and video from external sources; can record TV at scheduled times; excellent battery life, especially for audio only; includes kickstand; iTunes plug-in for Mac users; nice printed manual.

The bad: Expensive; screen looks grainy and washed out; wide-screen content hard to come by; no software CD included; video-conversion tools not optimized for the AV700.

The bottom line: Proof positive that bigger isn’t always better, the Archos AV700 fails to make the most of its wide-screen LCD


Gotta defend the home team…Go TIGERS!!!

Player looks interesting but I have to let this one slide.


That picture is rediculous, no tiger is that big