Archos Gmini 402 20GB Camcorder/Personal Media Player



Who else is pullin’ an all-nighter for Black Friday? Pricing Info…

SecretPrices … $189

Froogle … $179

PriceGrabber … $224.95

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8.0 by CNET experts… 8.3 by users… 3.5 stars on Amazon

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anyone have any info




I have to be honest here: that thing is hideous.


where’s the podcast?


1.2 pixel cam? nahhh.


Bad link. Removing.


At least this aint 50% cheaper at Menards like the Barbie Vac!


maybe the archos model 604 with wifi i’d buy but not this


as my second time waiting for a woot to come up… the first was a barbie vacuum cleaner and now something i dont have much a use for, maybe if it was a straight up sexy pmp player id get it but ill pass again.


I have one of these! it’s amazing.had it for almost a year, worth the money.


The Archos Gmini 402 is AWESOME!!! I bought mine a year and a half ago (non Camera one) adn I have never looked back! all my friends joined in and bought them. Great sound recorder, GREAT playback quality, comes with the to-TV cables, and it has great features. Plays games, Music, Nice battery life…Nothing bad. They also have very good service. A friend lost his to a fatal accident (fatal for the Archos), and tehy just sent a new one for nothing.


it would be a lot better if it was like a normal video camera with a hand holder thing… if you know what i mean

hehe look how many posts i have.


Speed to first woot: 1m 1.937s

Speed to first woot for Barbi Vacuum, was around 40 seconds…



I own the Gmini 400 and I can tell you it’s a solid mp3 player. My favorite feature though is it’s CF slot which the 402 doesn’t have. It does however have a USB port for connecting USB devices directly to it for pc-less transfers.


To the person who called this beauty hideous, stick with your iPod, loser. this is the best of the best and theres nothing left to say. iPod is an MP3 player that can play video, Archos is a media player for video and music.


300$ from manufacturer’s site.


I would definetly get one of these if it could play DivX/XviD movie files as most of the video media I have is in such formats.

Is it possible to play such files on this?