Archos Ondio 128MB MP3 Player/Ripper with FM Radio


Welcome to the Archos Ondio MP3 Player topic page for this product on Wednesday, September 22nd. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Archos Ondio here.


The assman thought he called it!!


Nice deal, but not for me.





lame! first!


Bad reviews.



I rock.

And so does Mr. Patterson for figuring it out.

Join the IRC channel. It’s good stuff.


thank you :!:


good woot compared to e-bay.


I trusted you JeffClark!!! :evil:


does anyone have an extra set of those dell speakers as jeff got my hopes up?


nah, not for me this time


damn. another day and still waiting for the home theater… will pass on this one… good night wooters :lol:


I bought this the last time it was wooted. I’ve enjoyed it. radio isn’t great but works. I haven’t tried much recording yet, but the sound quality of mp3 playback seems okay. I haven’t had any problems with mine. Was worth $45 for me since I usually only use it for short periods at a time.

Plus the “bag o’ crap” bag works great for carrying it and some headphones and spare batteries.

What I could really use is pc3200 memory or a new decent case. Along with the usual geeky items of course.


Sell me your ICE CUBE


i would be quite upset had i been one of the ones that purchased this a few weeks back for 20 dollars more. given that woot does not have a price protection policy.


I got this the last time it was on woot.

It’s ok, and I don’t regret buying it, but it does leave a little (or a lot) to be desired.

A couple of the negatives:

FM reception is a little on the weak side.

The “Corinthian leather carrying pouch” looks nice, but it fits so poorly that you would think the pouch wasn’t even made for this player.


Is it me, or does 3 AAA batteries for 12 hours playback seem simply pathetic?


ive had it up to here with you. im at the END OF MY LINE, PADRE!

so here’s my ultimatum:

Come to the woot IRC channel or i will call you a sissy girl.

( #woot )



does anyone know if this thing takes sd cards, i see the mmc card but i don’t know if that means it takes sd too.

jeff clark you said 50 bucks, doesn’t count.


[quote user=“JeffClark”]CALLED IT.

I rock.

And so does Mr. Patterson for figuring it out.

Join the IRC channel. It’s good stuff.[/quote]

directions please? server and #channel?

no need for reply, snapster posted while i was submitting msg… thanks anyway