Arctic King Portable Air Conditioner, Choose Size

Arctic King Portable Air Conditioner, Choose Size

I would like this for a camper, what size generator would I need to run them?

As near as I can find with a Google search:

Unit Size 400 square feet
Power Cord Type 14#x3
Power Cord Length 6.23 Ft
Max. Input Consumption 1780 W
Max. Current 16 A
Starting Current 54 A
Unti Size 350 square feet
Power Cord Type 14#x3
Power Cord Length 6.23 Ft
Max. Input Consumption 1580 W
Max. Current 14.8 A
Starting Current 54 A
Unit Size 250 square feet
Power Cord Type 14#x3
Power Cord Length 6.23 Ft
Max. Input Consumption 1600 W
Max. Current 15.0 A
Starting Current 50 A

According to my research, this one should work fine:


Is the 14000 btu unit worth the extra $30 over the 12000 btu unit?
I’d like to be able to run my computer and tv on the same circuit. Basically have 300 watts to spare on the same breaker.
I’m interested in the single hoses, so that I can suck out the hot air upstairs, and pull in some cold from downstairs.

An extra 2000 btu is negligible, but so is $30, so it’s up to you. As far as wanting a single hose unit to suck the upstairs hot air out the window and draw some cold air from downstairs, consider what’s replacing the downstairs cold air that you’re pulling upstairs. Because if you’re pulling the downstairs air upstairs and nothing replaces it, soon your downstairs would be a vacuum. So probably hot air from outside your house will be pulled into the downstairs space through gaps or cracks under the door, around windows, etc.

We have a couple of Woot refurbs, which have worked for two summers. New windows in the house are only about 20" wide and they still fit. But at least one room is quite small and we found a modern energy-star efficient 20" window unit for $119 at wallyworld. If you can mount a small unit in any window, it is much less hassle and also no concerns about what air is being sucked from where.

What is the color of the air conditioner? Is it black or white?

The 400 is black, the other two sizes are white.

Is the window hose mount kit included?

These units have only one hose. As such they are very inefficient & will draw outside air into your home from around every window and door. Two hose units work well, but they are hard to find.

This tiresome discussion comes up every time about the darn hoses. Interesting that two-hose units are scarcer than unicorns. It’s kind of like pointing that a pickup truck does not get as good a mileage as a Solar-charged Prius. Fine, but so what?

For those who cannot use a window mounted unit, these DO cool and dehumidify. Or just sit there and sweat.


Do they evaporate most of the moisture in AC mode, so that on low-mild humidity weeks, there is very little or no water buildup in the reservoir?