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Arctic Products Mosquito Shield [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping

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Here’s a link to Amazon

Errr… once the two supplied cartridges are used, where do I get new ones? And how much do they cost? Are they easy to come by in brick and mortar stores?

People will buy anything… Wouldn’t work in my back yard, bet you a meh.

No wonder The Sportsman Guide sold out
Woot! bought the whole warehouse

How badly does wind affect it? I’m from Oklahoma, and it never stops here. Will this thing be able to still keep away the mosquitoes in the face of a breeze?

… and a quick question to follow…

What constitutes 40 hours of continuous use? Once I popped the cartridge open, is it a waste 40 hours later, or is it actual 40 hours of running the fan?

In other words, if I have one on for 2 hours a day, does it mean it’s good for 20 days?

Mosquitoes are a problem on our back yard/porch. I’d buy a few if they actually are effective (are they???) and can work for days if used a few hours at a time and are easily refillable!

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My experience with citronella compared to DEET hasn’t been great. Camping for weeks at a time, I only rely on DEET products. I even use 100% DEET. It’s not as harmful as most people think, as long as you aren’t using it every single day for a year or so. DEET doesn’t smell like roses, but I just can’t stand the smell of citronella.

Plus, with these sorts of contraptions, just like candles, you really need to be pretty close to the source to feel what of the little bug-repelling effect these have.

If you really don’t want to get bitten, use DEET products or invest in a mosquito net.

In my humble experience - if it’s windy, mosquitoes close their airspace and declare a no-fly zone in the windy area, as they have hard time holding the course and doing precise landings on your sensitive body parts…

Citronella is the same ingredient in the outdoor mosquito candles everywhere.
Note: item does not include those famous Disaney songs:
“Citronella, Citronella, safe enough for any fella”
“Citronella let your golden flax down”

If you’re going to buy it, better buy 3. Toss the whole thing when you’re done because the cartridges cost more than the contraption itself. $19 on amazon, $15 other places on the web not including shipping.

Wow, those Okie mosquitoes must be pretty tough if they are flying against the wind just to bite you.

In my experiences anything that doesn’t spray on your body doesn’t really help mosquitoes that much. Add that Okie wind and I’m suggesting a can of deep woods off! for you.

Oh… really?..

please, ruminate on DEET’s Effect in Humans

For what it’s worth, the Captain America reference is almost enough to get me to buy these. It’s probably going to take another 3 or 4 hours before I crack, but it’s half way there already.

Very nice

As long as DEET is used as directed you’re not going to die from it. Obviously, it’s a chemical. If you ingest the stuff you clean your bathroom with you’ll get sick. If you swallow too much toothpaste you need to call poison control. Lots of things are dangerous, that doesn’t mean we don’t use them.

I don’t sleep with DEET on my skin, but I do use it when camping and have never had any adverse reaction (even with 100%). If you are really afraid of it then go ahead and use Citronella, I’m just not a fan because it doesn’t work as well.

DEET is the only reliable way to keep mosquitos away. All natural methods work, but have to be reapplied every 30 minutes or so, while DEET will remain effective for hours and hours. I’d recommend saving some money and just buying Off spray.

Citronella smells so disgusting, I’d prefer to just get bitten by the mosquitos.

Does this work on little biting gnats? I have a real problem with those here, not so much with mosquitoes.