Arctic Products Mosquito Shield

Oh man, I need one of these! Damn Mosquitos in the northern part of the US!




I’m in for some!

I didn’t realize the Arctic had a mosquito problem.

This woot-off bugs me.

this is actually pretty bad a$$

Havent you seen that movie with Ashton Kutcher, the mosquito effect?

Since you know… there are mosquitoes in the arctic.

ouch, I was in until I saw the 4 D batteries…


Not a single thing through this woot-off so far that I’ve wanted. This is becoming a recurring theme. Someone better throw some bacon salt up or somethin’.

Exactly what do mosquitos need to be shielded from? Am I missing something?

Yah - this one bites…

You know you have plenty of D batteries!

I got excited at first, but I don’t want a shield or repellant. I want a mosquito killer. Something that will obliterate each and every last one of these suckers.

and where the heck do you buy replacement cartridges?