Arctic Products Mosquito Shield

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i had no idea there were mosquitoes in the Arctic.

Sure. They are slightly easier to spot in the little parkas they wear.

How long can one expect the 4 D-cell batteries to power the fan before having to be replaced or recharged?..

If you look on the last page of the “previous woot” page, some people complained that they weren’t working. Not ineffective, but defective. That being said, woot was basically begging them to contact them. Also, many people repeatedly say that they are ineffective. Unfortunately, I personally can’t vouch for that.

Reviews at Meijer

Plus, since they only have a few hours each year in which to work, they tend to draw gallons of blood from each victim.

Bunny rabbits fare the worst, I fear.

Here is one source I found for Refill Cartridges

Citronella smells so rank, I prefer to just get bitten by mosquitos.

I purchased two of these during a previous Wooting of them with varying success: One wouldn’t work. After multiple attempts at re-setting it up, the little fan just wouldn’t spin unless you held it just right. I finally gave up on that one.

The one that did work, however, does a VERY good job of keeping bugs away from cookout food. Probably going to buy a few more today just to fully surround the deck.

For what it’s worth: Amazon

I must taste awful! I just sat in the middle of a bog tonight watching Night Ranger & didn’t get bitten once! Guess I’ll rely on my powers of evil to keep me safe.

Oh boy. This list price for 2 refill cartridges is $25! It would be cheaper to just buy up a bunch of these things and throw them away after they are used up!

Yep! Gotta buy 3.

I work in the alaskan low-Arctic. Worst mosquitoes EVER.

Citronella candles don’t need fourD batteries. FourD batteries would make it very heavy and expensive to operate!

No reviews at Amazon. Just the following description.

Great barrier relief: Arctic Products Mosquito Shield! SAVE BIG! Read all about it: Lightweight 8" Tabletop Sentinel Repels Swarms of Blood-Sucking Beasts! It’s headline news when I find a gadget as effective as this is in beating back mosquitoes. The Shield disperses a highly concentrated citronella java oil into a 6-foot protective circle that wards off annoying nippers. No harmful chemicals, so it’s safe, too. No slapping needed: Runs 400 hours on 4 D batteries (not included); Impact and weather-resistant housing; Includes 2 citronella disks for a total of 80 hours of continuous use; 4 x 8"h., weighs 1 lb. Call off the “swat” team! Order Today! Arctic Products Mosquito Shield

Citronella is moderately effective in repelling mosquitoes and other blood sucking insects, however, if there is a slight breeze, care needs to be taken in properly placing the unit, i.e. you need to be downwind of the Mosquito Shield. It would be most effective in a tent (if you can tolerate the smell).

This comparison of Botanical Repellents clearly indicates that Geraniol is a superior natural repellant, both indoors and outside.