Arctic Products Mosquito Shield Woot Info Post - better then some talking giraffe

Arctic Products Mosquito Shield [New] - $4.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Arctic Products Mosquito Shield

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Anyone have an idea on how well this works?

What’s this?

There’s gotta be only one right?

the descriptions always make me think a Bowl of Cereal is coming up. sigh

what do mosquitos need to be shielded from??

They only work in the arctic.

Where and how much are the refill cartridges?

better than the 350$ knives im sure

This woot bites!!!

The batteries cost more than the item. Artic shield is a front for Duracell.

A six-foot circle really isn’t that big, better get 3 and “overlap” them.

It just doesn’t entertain like a bug zapper but at least it works.

How many mosquitoes do you suppose they have in the arctic?

Mac friendly…

Arctic Products…save me from the midges!

I got three of these the last time they were in a woot-off. I placed them strategically to ensure complete coverage and they really worked well. I hate mosquitos.

hmm 6 minutes from drop zone, maybe gonna drop a Bucket of Citronella next

Floridian’s Unite! It’s time to rid yourself of all those pesky bloodsuckers!