Ardente 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon (3)

Recommended for anyone who likes things that are good.

Cellar Tracker:

BINGO, 1st buy of the woot off.

Yeah, I was wondering if you were in on this offer. Have you had this before? Any notes?

Had 1 last night…bad, corked. 1 before was excellent. Still thinking I may go for this as the first one was really that good. If you like an aged cab, this is it, drink now, tannins are smooth with good fruit still.

Was really hoping this one would show up! Amazing QPR on this one. Have made multiple purchases of the 1997 Ardente Cab in the past and have been extremely pleased. You can’t beat this at $25/bottle, shipped. Auto buy for me and first of the woot off! Free shipping the rest of the day :slight_smile:

This was excellent.

Is this more than when it was on woot plus?

Phew, woke up in just the nick of time

This was my first ever buy from WW, and it was a glorious first buy. The '97 was very good, easily drinkable over the course of the entire night. Still showed good fruit on the back end of the palate and had just the right acidity you would want in an aging cab. Definitely would recommend for the price.

I have plenty of this, on SIWBM;
got more.
^&$%#&^ WD!

Thank you Ardente and woot for letting me feel heard to start my morning. I asked for the '97 alone the last time Ardente was up et voila, '97 alone. The '97, '01, '02 three pack for $60 was a great deal, three of the '97s for $70 is just plain silly. I really like the comment above about this being a good deal for those who like things that are good. Amen.

And of course, in for three.

First buy on wine woot, big Cab fan… With all the comments on how good this cab is I had take a shot…

Awake - and in for more. This may be my third purchase of this (and the other vintages).

Fred, I would love to know that someone has bought more Ardente than I have. What’s your count? This gets me to 36 combined on the three vintages.

I hope the '97 is better than the '02 because it was not good at all. I’m not sure that I would call it oxidized but it was bacterial tasting at best. I’m out on Ardente.

Yikes, I’m at 33, but that includes the 2004.

How could I resist… Good notes from the woot folks and a 16 year old cab… In for 1

What is the drinking window on this?