Ardente Estate Library Cab Mix (3)



Ardente Estate Library Cab Mix 3-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $132.20) 55% off List Price
1997 Ardente Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley
2001 Ardente Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley
2002 Ardente Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley
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Whew! Finally found what I was looking for, a few bottles, each of something slightly different (as in, not a case), for my parents for Xmas. No more refreshing the wine.woot page over and over!

Thanks guys!


Love this stuff, bought 18 bottles last month, and tempted to buy more.


Last Wooter to Woot:

This looks promising.


It’s hard to believe they still have any of this left.

I have not had the '01 or '02 yet, but I can tell you the '97 is great. I have given a few bottles away as gifts and everyone has been very impressed. I don’t have specific notes on me, but I did put them in CT. A couple of things to note: 1) The '97 needs to breath for 8+ hrs. I’ve shortened that time by by decanting and aerating, but time is best. 2) The '97 can easily last a week+. I’ve found the flavors and aromas (maybe bouquets at this point in it’s life,) improve day by day. I decanted my last bottle, aerated it, and then poured back into the bottle. I used the vacuvin to store it. I had glasses every couple of days for 10 days. Right about day 7 or 8 it was at it’s best. Still wonderful at day 10.


I have purchased 3 sets of these and love them. If you enjoy dry red wines you need a set of these. They are fantastic QPR and you will not be disappointed.


How the heck does it last 8-10 days? Mine is gone no later than day 2!


Also fell in love with these. Bought two of the first library cab offering and loved it so much that I maxed out on the next library, 97, 01, and 02 when it was offered. My closet is screaming with these aged cabernets but they are absolutely wonderful - even my husband likes them, and he is not a cabernet fan. A true Woot bargain.


bought more:)
as much as I like to chance to buy wines I have already tried, the “old” woot (offs) would offer New wines, seems like all thay do is recycle over and over again.


Move along, this is not the Cab you’re looking for.

In a pig’s eye. For $20/bottle this is a steal. It’s aged, gotta decant, but it sure delivers.

I too have 18 bottles, and am quite tempted to break my SIWBM on this woot-off.

Yup, two more
Last Wooter to Woot:rjquillin


I’m single, my cats prefer lower alcohol content drinks, and despite my love of wine, more than a glass a day and I get nauseous :frowning:


Pair the '97 (after day 1,) with some Brandini… MMMMMMMMmmmmmMMMMmmmm Mouth is watering just thinking about it. Guess I know what I’m having tonight :wink:


I agree, this is my “New Rockus Bockus” when they were selling this on the 5 days wine buys (under the daily deal) I bought 3 of the 3 set 97’s 3 Sets of the 97,01 & 02 Vintages.
and darn just bought 2 more “sets”


In for two! Ordered these in October and they are exquisite! Also convinced a non- Wine.Wooter to buy some for her parents and they were also pleased!


Just popped a bottle of the 1997 the other night. I am always amazed at how supple the corks are on old wines that have been stored properly. The cabs I bought in the late 80’s/early 90’s that have been moved around and stored in various states of abuse have all tasted wonderful when opened, but required the use of an “ah-so” opener. This Ardente, as well as the 1999 Astrale e Terra I purchased had supple corks which were very easily removed with my trusty waiter’s cork screw.
The wine was an almost brown color in the glass and still had muscular tannins with the nice bottle bouquet one would expect from an aged cab. I suppose the tannic nature should not surprise me, as Atlas Peak wines are known for their brawny tannins, but it did nonetheless. I paired it with sashimi tuna and salmon, which I know a lot of people find odd, but many cabs work well with it for my palate. This one did not work that well. Next time I think I will pair it with a hearty winter beef stew, rib-eye or maybe even a shepherd’s pie. The still grippy tannins and earthy/herbal characteristics seem to beg for some beef fat.

Cliff notes:
For $20/btl this is definitely worth it for anybody wanting to see what an aged Atlas Peak wine tastes like. If you like big cabs, go for it!


Hannukah Wine Miracle.


In for 2 more sets. Loved the '97 I tried a week ago.


I bit. I’ve been looking for a nice tannic cab for a while, and at $20/bottle I’m pretty excited by all the great reviews of the 97.


Woot Offs. For when you decided you didn’t want to use your free shipping during gift week purchases (where nearly all of this stuff was available) maybe you will be dumb enough to do it now? Next offering will be: some dry jack cheese, bullshit olive bonzai, cured meats that are resonable, cured meats that are excessive (wait, that was already offered), perhaps some coasters, wine charms, or more barrel staves/candelabras?

I used to check woot-offs many times a day. This new format is worthless. Nothing of value, in fact, if you wanted it earlier and could double-up shipping, it is less of a value. Yet, we still are shown them as if they are a steal. Blah. Not a value, and boring.