Ardente Estate Winery Mixed (6)

Ardente Estate Winery Mixed 6-Pack
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1996 Ardente Espressione Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak Napa Valley, Grande Reserva
2006 Ardente Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak Napa Valley, Grande Reserva
2007 Ardente Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak Napa Valley, Grand Reserva

Calling Fred! Where art thou, Fred?!?

I’m still sitting on 2 of the 96 and 3 of the 07…quickly checking to see how much more room I have to create :wink:

My notes from a recent bottle of the 2006 (as posted on the back boards, please visit the world of wine woot tab!):

I bought 6 bottles of '07 last time.
I already drank 2, but want to lay down the rest for another 3 years or so.

As far as tasting notes go.
You can tell it’s still very very young.
PnP: I don’t recall the nose, but got a lot of “green” on the palate.
Followed by pleasant earthy and black fruit.

Let it sit for about 45 minutes and took another sip. The greeness disappear dramatically. A little mushroom came into the mix. Earth tone is still there, and dark fruit really start to come out.

Another hour later, this wine really came to life. The dark fruit remains dominant on the mid to finish, but very delicate, smooth and well integrated. Earthy mushroom tone is still present and presents itself at the front.

Overall, I really enjoyed this and would definitely recommend it!

I just can’t imagine how good this will be in another few years!

I got some of this before; it was not a favorite here in pm-utopia.

I ordered these on three separate occasions and all of them were bad to horrible, not drinkable. I would like to order more but I’m afraid to let it sit only to find it is bad again. Not even hot where I live(

OK folks talk to me, talk to me,

Got 24 bottles various vintages, but could make room for more
with out a doubt one of my Fav’s, along with Rockus Bockus, and RBW’s

did you contact customer service, Woot is excellent in replacing/refunding

Wish I could justify another 6 bottles. The 97/01/02 set I bought still has 5 remaining bottles.

I understand that man does not live by vintage charts alone–but can an 06 and 07 Napa Cabernet from Atlas Peak be that bad???

Really Fred. Didn’t you order a case of California Karma and 4 bottles of chianti earlier today? Where do you stock pile all of that wine?

In his stomach.

I have 17 of my 26 bottles remaining. It is fantastic if you’re looking for a Napa cab in a mid range flavor profile, not dark and new workd nor austere and old world.

The thing about this pack: 1996 Drink NOW. The other two are for holding another few years.

Thanks for the advice. I still have some 1997. Do I need to drink that NOW as well?

Why YES I did
I’m digging a hole in my backyard to bury it :slight_smile:

Yes, but it concerns me how many separate shipments were really bad, all ordered at different times. I hate to order more and find it is bad or turning bad. I know others had this issue as well. Makes me think they are unloading it for this very reason. I order often here and don’t really have issues except with all of these. One decent bottle out of about 20 really bad ones.

1996 was a lighter, shorter-lived year; 1997 was a well-structured, longer lived vintage. Ceterus paribus, the 1997 should have the ability to go another 5+ years, ceterus may not be paribus here.

The 1997 is holding up better than the 1996. I had a bottle of 97 last Saturday. I’d recommend drinking it now just because its at prime and not getting any better. The 1996 is starting its slide.

Boy do I wish I had a few extra bones lyng around. But I am a cheapskate and holding on to my funds till tomorrow…