Ardente Estate Winery Mixed (6)

Ardente Estate Winery Mixed 6-Pack
$57.99 $148.00 61% off List Price
1996 Ardente Espressione Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak Napa Valley, Grand Reserva
2006 Ardente Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak Napa Valley, Grande Reserva
2007 Ardente Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak Napa Valley, Grand Reserva
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Is this a mistake?

Can’t ship to Wisconsin? Ardente used to ship to Wisconsin…

Ardente Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak Napa Valley, Grande Reserve 2006
color: burgundy w/brown tint

nose: tannins and wood

palate: light tannins, yet smooth. Not fruity. Slightly oaky?
long lasting finish, just tastes good.

I rated 3 out of 5 “nice”

Per an old woot comment, allow to air 2 hours.

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I’ve literally never moved my thumbs that fast!

Screaming deal. SCREAMING.

put in my cart at 57% and before I could finish checkout it was sold out. I’m talking 30 seconds max.

And half off the current plus deal price!! Soooo glad I waited.

Fred is going to die if he missed this.

Well that was a nice Xmas present :slight_smile:

No kidding! Holy smokes! Enjoyed half a bottle of my last remaining '97 last night and thought, dang, that was an awfully good deal for perfectly respectable aged cab - maybe I should reload. The Plus deal at twice the price wasn’t quite making me push the button. But at eleven bucks a bottle all-in: total no-brainer!

Anyone know if I’ve missed out on the balsamic vinegar this year? Is it possible its only appearance was in that woot-off last month?

I got mines. How about you? And to think I’ve resisted this offer every other time.

Same for me. Never was motivated enough until it was <$10. I get pretty motivated under $10.

darn work got in the way, must not have been much in stock to sell out that quick,
Oh well there’s always Copa :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I missed this deal…

Damn. I was considering the Woot plus on this but was on the fence. And now seeing this that we missed.

I would not be surprised if this had been a mistake on the part of Woot, considering the current Plus offer. Maybe it was supposed to be a 3-pack, and they withdrew it early when they realized. Whatever the case, I am happy that Woot is honoring purchases!

Or perhaps a great offer in limited supply to get everyone checking back all day in search of the elusive.