Are there other Woot-like sites?


I’ve been wondering if anyone knows any other awesome sites like Woot? Since it’s just one product per day (other than 2x tuesdays), i would love it if there were other sites like this. Whoever was the original person to think of this once-a-day-sell-for-cheap idea is a super-genius. Anyways, please gimme many sites!
ps. I’m addicted to buying stuff online for a bargain. =)


Anybody got a match?

edit: You’re not likely to get that advice here . . . this is, after all, Woot’s site. Any business frowns on suggesting other places that might draw customers away . . . I’m sure you understand . . . /edit

“Napalm on aisle three!!!”


Where’s that flame-thrower smilie?


Sadly, I don’t have it in my repertoire . . .


Dear Andy,
Woot has blocked the names of the other sites like this.
I feel really bad about flame-throwering your very first post.
Do not take it personally. Please come back again. Honest, I’m not being sartastic.
Really, if anyone had even said b o o (had to do that, for some reason woot changed b o o. Why?to me when I first posted I would have been gone.

Remember, I made up the word flame-throwering, which has to be wrong.

I’m doing this because I am giving in to peer pressure. And you thought that stopped when you get older!

Poof, Gman, this just isn’t right. It is the kids very first post. I’m going to burn in hell for this!
Sorry Andy.

Remember, it isn’t you, it is the question. You can post again any time you want!


Welcome to the game, Andy.


Gee wiz, give the guy 100 post before you start in on him! You were new too once!


Welcome to the game, d’name!!


andy hasn’t even posted again, period.


Andy still hasn’t posted again. Good job in scaring him away, he’ll probally never come back


All i know of is… and


Don’t forget