Are we allowed to post about our ebay sales here?

Good Morning, All

Happy Saturay, Happy March Madness! :slight_smile:

I saw a thread not too long ago regarding ebay, but cannot recall the specifics because I wasn’t doing any ebay sales at that time…it’s been ages since I’ve sold anything there.

Are we allowed to post or link to our ebay sales here?

Reason I ask is mainly because I am going to sell a VS coat from a few years ago that is just too small for me:( It is so nice, but I never could wear it; I’d love to see it go to someone here as opposed to a random, complete stranger–I really like the idea of knowing that it went to a great “wooter” home instead.

I am otherwise gearing up for a small “Pampered Fiance Everything-Must-Go Sale” (well, except the fiance–maybe lol). Just some clothing and such, as he’s been spoiled by a certain person, who shall remain nameless, for years :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I won’t be selling any of my Woot purchases there–someone would have to steal, pry, or otherwise finagle those away from me!

Thanks so much, & take care all:)


So we consider links to personal sales/sites, etc. to be shilling, and we don’t allow that.

Buuuuuuut, you can certainly leave your post here and make use of the Private Message feature and work out a sale with a fellow wooter that way.

Thank you kindly for clarifying the issue, I surely appreciate it:) I suppose I will leave it here and just go with the flow…

I do need to learn how to use Private Messages; as is, I have been having trouble even locating the buggers–like for give-aways that require us to check messages, I’ve been like, ooops, where are those again? I can now refer to the link you’ve provided as a handy reference–thank you so very much!!

Thanks again, & have a most wooterful day.


No problem, Trish. You can use the link I provided to check your PMs. To send another wooter a PM, just click the little envelope icon to the right of their user name.

Happy Saturday!

Woot and Ebay are rival, so none of them let their clients offer their competitors’ products on their websites.