Are you drinking more coffee at home?

Are you drinking more coffee at home?

Where else are we going to drink it?


I don’t drink coffee and when I do I take it black. My wife likes flavored coffee and has started trying to push the plain stuff on me. I might start drinking it because 0 calories in black coffee.

Please someone post a link for Intergalactic again!

Was drinking zero before and drinking zero now…I guess that’s the “same”. :crazy_face:

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Yep. My Keurig has been working overtime. Even hubby has been drinking some, and he never did before.

No, because my Keurig just died :broken_heart:


(Dear Woot, if you could put some more of those K Elites up for sale, before I go full-floatie-rogue on my suddenly-childful neighborhood…? It would save me a lot of bail money and legal fees, to spend here)

In order to stay alive and for others to stay safe coffee must be consumed. I don’t count I just make sure the cup is never empty.

They say that you need 8 eight-oz glasses of water a day. Coffee is water, so… let’s just say that I;m good in the water category. As for home versus out… I never wasted money on overpriced coffee before this crap, so around here… nothing has changed.

100% coffee at home! Luckily I bought some Cameron’s coffee ahead of time and creamer. WFH at this time for who knows how long (may go on furlough shortly).