Are You Over-Prepared For Your Football Party?

that is possibly the most extreme griddle thing I have ever seen. I lust in my heart.

I know, right? I’m just surprised no one’s commented about the glasses yet. :wink:

I got those jars/glasses last time. They’re pretty nice. Held by the stem, they keep your favorite beverage cool as the heat won’t transfer from your hand.

The mortar and pestle are HUGE. I broke my last pestle (actually it was a dog, or a kid) so I thought this would be a good way to replace. The bowl is big enough for a cantaloupe. And the stone is rough, not smooth like a granite, so I’m worried that little pieces will chip off into my food. :frowning:

I hate to be thought of as a “size queen”, but I’m wondering just how big the cooking surface of the griddle is, and I’m also wondering about the dimensions of that apron. (And of the Egyptian cotton towels, but that’s another Plus.)

Edit: from the Sharper Image site:
Length: 13.38 Inches
Width: 12.5
Height: 6.5 Inches
Weight: 16 Lbs

These are the overall dimensions of the item, but it looks like the griddle surface extends at least to the edges of the base unit, so I guess the L & W dimensions above are roughly equal to the size of the cooking surface. Let’s see, if each pancake is 4" diam, how many can cook on a 12.5"x13.38" griddle?

So, there was ONE Martini Shaker? Just one?


Manufacturers will sometimes sell us an assortment of product that may include very limited stock of a few items. In other cases, we may have a few remaining items from previous sales.

While the quantity is limited, we do still want to pass these deals on to our customers. Plus deals will often have limited quantities so it’s important to watch for them closely.

I’ll see your Harry Belafonte and raise you one. Hey, I just discovered that I can play my all-time fave Wii game, Samba de Amigo, at my desk! Okay, so it’s really someone else’s gameplay, but it still works if you have a good imagination. (Sure wish my supervisor hadn’t stopped by to introduce the new staff member in the middle of the game…)

The Redneck glasses are cooler when they have a handle! But it won’t stop me!


A picture’s worth a thousand words – that’s great, thanks.

“The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling.” -Lucretius

Perhaps you could salvage it by spending some time just rubbing them together while you watch TV etc… eventually it will smooth, eventually:)

All that for 14.95? Where do we get that deal. :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone desires to look over some reviews of the Sharper Image indoor grill/griddle, following is AMZN’s product information page on the unit:

You’re right you will get stone in anything you grind if you use it as is. You need to prime any mortar & pestle you buy unless you’re buying it used. Grinding rice into rice flour will usually do the trick. Time, patience & one aching wrist later and it’ll be all set to go.

Get some kids together and make a game out of it the way our elders used to con us into spinning the hand crank ice cream maker when they made home made ice cream “for fun”.

Martinis should be stirred, not shaken, unless you are more interested in trying to be James Bond than in drinking the cocktail. Shaking dilutes the drink and makes the vermouth cloudy.

They should also have enough vermouth in them to taste. If you want to drink straight gin just do it.

Let me once again sing the praises of the jar opener. Got one the first time it was offered (I think) & I can’t tell you how often I’ve thanked my lucky stars that I have it. I have arthritis, & when it’s acting up, I might as well be six months old for all I can accomplish in the way of removing tops from jars. This has to be one of the happiest purchases I’ve made. If you have arthritis, you won’t regret buying this one.

Can I say that I have something nearly identical, and it is one of the worst kitchen appliances I have ever owned. The plastic drip catchers often don’t work properly or they melt when you are cooking on high temps. Proceed with caution.

I got that grill from Woot! more than a year ago, when it was sold (for about the same price) as a Cuisinart product. It did work very well, but after a few months of steady use the non-stick coating began to flake off and I was afraid to keep using it.

I treated the surfaces properly, never using metal utensils or harsh scrubbing.

One hint: NEVER buy one that has fixed, non-removable plates! Impossible to keep clean!