Are You Ready For Some Amount Of Football?

I’m an avid shirt.wooter (100+ shirts and counting) and enjoy football as well.

Let me be the first, and maybe only, to comment. If you only sell one shirt here, it really has nothing to do with whether there are football fans here or not, it has to do with the mediocre at best selection of designs in this sale. No offense to the artists.

I can actually say when I saw the title of the sale, I WAS actually excited… until I saw the designs being offered. I guess you have little to choose from, but these are really stretching it.

Don’t you guys follow the Dallas Seahawks or Seattle Cowboys? Maybe the Houston Bills?

Swing and a miss, woot! Or should I say, FUMBLE!

Wow. I wish that hot wings apron came in t-shirt form.

Although I could just wear an apron out on the town…

or you could wear the shirt!

Aren’t the lines a little bit off on the “sasquatch” shirt? I remember a line between the 20 and 10 that wasn’t numbered…

Now hold on a damn minute. That Sasquatch shirt is great! Might just buy one.

Thank you.