Area 51 Remote Control UFO



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Woot wage: ($486,903.30)

that’s incredibly fast!..


Nice woot wage on that one, I’m thouroughly impressed. Who ever came up with the woot-off was a genious. Preying on the impulsiveness of the MTV generation, for hours, sometimes days at a time, till thier F5 button is worn out, and thier bank account is empty. Genious, I tell you.


Grrr, I missed this!! I was on the phone with my apartment maintanence guy, after my kitchen sink was possed and started spewing crap all over the place. (and not the good, Woot!-y crap)

We were just talking about these at work the other day… I haven’t gotten my Bag of Crap yet, but if anyone’s willing to trade a UFO for a possible crap-to-be-named-later, let me know. :wink: (like I probably won’t have a use for the iPod case, if I get that…)


Anyone catch a price for this one?


The flying saucers are gone already. Boo Hoo…

Checkout the WootCalculator to predict when It might be gone by.

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One minute sampling so fast sellers don’t have much data. But those long long never ending sellers, it really helps you decide to take a quick 4 hour nap at right time.


Price was $9.99


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Area 51 Remote Control UFO
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Area 51 Remote Control UFO


a COMPLETE Listing of all woot-off items can be found here




I know of a 4 year that could have used one of these, hopefully it will be offered again. :wink:


My kids got something similar for xmas from my mother-in-law. I saw these and wooted 3. Thses things are a blast! (and now I’ve got one too).

Once they get destroyed the motors can be salvaged for use in electric RC aircraft.



Mine shipped right away.

It can be tracked For anyone who cares where my UFO’s are holding you can track them here


Anyone else have only the package info. transmitted? Another package (the 5.8 ghz phones) just got delivered and they shipped out on the 9th as well…


Yes… package info only

I’m guessing they might not be shipping from Woot directly.
I bought a watch in February and it shipped directly from the company in Florida.
I’m not saying that is the case here, but that might be what it is.


Ok, Fed-ex says on my tracking number that they went from texas, delivered to CALIFORNIA, and it should be here the 15th. I live in Oklahoma, so why the long detour.


Got mine today, it’s fun but I need a bigger house …P.S. My Cat does not like it :slight_smile:


Me too!! California is not between Texas and Oklahoma. They sent my ship on vacation! I’ve never even been to California why does my spaceship get to go there?


Got it today, pretty fun to play with. Its quite flimsy, so I sorta broke some of it while practicing. The AC/DC adapter gets real hot though


THIS THING IS AWESOME! I am glad I wooted 2, I am giving one to my 10 year old cousin.

My dog is having a blast chasing it around… for a $10 toy from China, it’s full of features. Having batteries in the base so you can charge the UFO without the wall socket is smart stuff.

I’d woot it again!