Argus Bean Sprout Carabiner Camera – 2 Pack Woot Info Post - you’re soaking in it

Argus Bean Sprout Carabiner Camera – 2 Pack [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping

2 * Random Argus Bean Sprout Cameras- Red, Blue, or Yellow

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Compatible with Vista?

a bunch of reviews on Buzzillion for the various colors. All seem pretty good.

640x480 seems pretty low resolution by todays standards but might be fun for the kids to play with.

These are great trinkets for geocaching!

If I get stuck with yellow will anyone want to please trade for a red or a blue?

Wow! has about 40x more pixels than this.

I bought one a while ago and it wouldn’t focus. Couldn’t use it for shots further than 25’ away.

They’re two for $15.00 at with free site to store shipping, so I see no great deal here :frowning:

Manufacturer’s Website: Here!

IT looks like I might have to start my Christmas shopping early…

My kids have the upgraded version with the LCD and 3.1 MP - they are nice little cameras and really resilient to drops, and spills. If you have a amateur shutterbug under the age of 10, buy it, but don’t expect gallery quality prints.

Have the kids connect it to the back pack if they walk to school that way when bullied they have photo evidence. Nothing like an i-report for bullying.

The resolution on these seem really low. Could have been handy as a hiking camera, but I don’t know if I would like the pics afterwards.

If I gave these to a kid these days he’d kick me in the shins for insulting his artistry. All the kids I know are shooting, at minimum, those 10Mpixel pink Pentaxes woot had last year.

how much load can this ‘carabiner’ support? I’d be worried about this thing breaking in a non-camera application.

That is the site for the bean sprout. Has links for manuals, drivers & FAQ’s…

These are $4 cameras. I wouldn’t expect any more!

I’m in for three, mostly for the aforementioned geocaching.

Cheaper at wal-mart.:frowning: