Argus Bean Sprout Carabiner Camera – 2 Pack

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Argus Bean Sprout Carabiner Camera - 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Argus Bean Sprout Carabiner Digital Camera

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Are these waterproof?

Here’s a previous wooting.

And from it we have the product website :slight_smile:

2 stars average from Amazon.

3.5 star average from Buzzillions.

Ahh, the produce website.

And how to get to the manual.

Previous woot…

was 7.99 for the two pack.

wow! in for 3 sets of 2… the new disposable camera. PERFECT as party gifts!

640x480? Really?

Be still, my beating heart!

I’m in for…none.

Nighters, wooters!

Not bad.

yes, just don’t get them wet.

Windows only driver software. Linux/Mac folks are S.O.L on these. Got two last time they were up on the two-fer.

Kind of neat, I gave them both to my girlfriend to mess with because I’d rather take a real camera out on my cycling trips than worry about the range/image quality issues these have.

Finally, something to clip onto the lanyard on my camera.

They claim it is “Water resistant” so no, they are not.

Is the colored part plastic or metal? It’s hard to tell from the pics…

This says it only works with PC operating systems, but some things that say that can also work when plugged into a mac. Does anyone know if this is the case for these carabeners?

p.s. I would like for Apple to take over the world. I eagerly await the day that the iCar comes out.

Even cell phone cameras arn’t this bad.:frowning:

lol… guess we can have some lettuce & tomato with our sprouts. :slight_smile:

According to the manufacturer’s FAQs “The case of the camera is made out of water-resistant material which can withstand a small amount of water, but the camera is not water proof. The camera will be damage when submerge [sic] in water.”

So, water-resistant = yes; water-proof = no.

You can probably take it in the rain, but not the bathtub.

I have one of these. Our young kids love them. they can clip them onto their backpack whenever we go out, download the pictures when they get home, and if it gets lost, it not that much money.