Argyle Kite

I do hope the mother and child are careful. Those kites could put an eye out.

Nice design, but not what I was hoping to see. In for none.

Oh my, what a pleasantly unexpected surprise! :smiley:

Are they breaking the pattern or building it?

There’s something very uncanny valley about this.

**Don’t wear this shirt:**While holding a key.

Hope those aren’t loose power lines…

I wonder how you grab a kite string from the top row? It must require a Giant Troll or a Tyrannosaurus rex ride.

Great design although it might be a little ghostly…ah, midnight kite flying. Got it.

Love the design/designer, but I’m really pulling for “Blocks Build You.”

If it were me, I’d get one of the kites with 2 black diamonds, 1 red, and 1 grey. Defy conformity!

Prayers answered! Thanks to you and your funky soul!

“Mommy mommy! …why are you flossing with that kite string?”

Wow. A clan campbell reference? I think I’d better pass on this shirt, even though I love the design.

love it since am a mother and i have a son perfect

Wow. This is a pleasant surprise!
Thanks to all you argyle lovers out there who voted for this one. I can now begin my search for some argyle socks to match.

great design, congrats!

How do they manage to keep the kites in place like that? I smell witchcraft.

interesting, in for one. vaguely reminds me of Aaargyle Shirt which I also have.