Argyle Set of 2 Unique Wine Tools

I think it would help to see these in action.

I have these. The pump sealer is great for extending the life of a bottle for 2-3 days in my experiences.

For .99 I’m in for 3.

Title and description are “X” - wonder what we missed out on, or, maybe these are such unique wine tools they’re from Planet X?

Well, this is new, I haven’t seen this before, and the price, well, the price is right.

But, I have a vacuum system already. I don’t need more than the two wine stoppers that are already included, and most people here probably have, or want, a Vinturi? I’ll be interested to see how this works, and all of the details.

Though I doubt we’ll see someone from the company on with this price.

The pump might be useful, but the pour, i would a wager is a “get what you pay for” type thing.

those went fast.

fuck shit wankitty missed it!

Darn. I took too long thinking about it and missed it.

Darn it! Sold out too fast, woulda been in for 3

67% bought 3

at 99 cents, went in for 3. Hope it extends the life of a bottle.

Damnit, I was gonna be in for 3 as well, and someone called right when i clicked the big yella button.

i think they just decided it wasn’t worth the time spent to write up a description for

Yeah, I’m with myrlin, the pourer/aerator probably isn’t great but I think the $0.99 is a good deal for the pump alone, in for 3

I dont think you are missing much. I would bet these can be found at your local dollar store.