Argyle Wine & Cheese Picnic set & Vacuum Pump

Argyle Wine & Cheese Picnic set & Vacuum Pump
$7.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
1 Argyle Wine & Cheese Picnic set & Vacuum Pump

whew at least they ain’t all wine!

He he…vacuum pump

Well I’m sure one thing that everybody needs out of this set is yet another corkscrew after the 2 yesterday.

It’s a good price I just don’t know what I’d do with any of it.

A triple play?
3 Woot! Offs! at the same time?

Good play, Woot!

Most brilliant product description ever. No, really. Epic.

here’s the product website

A website:

I guess I can see why they are still hiring copywriters…

i swear, the pump is not mine.

Nope, Not in …

Which states can this be shipped to?

this is so unfair. How are we to get any sleep?


So the pump contains the stopper - does that mean you just leave the pump/stopper on top of the half-full/half-empty bottle??

I know that it takes a lot of effort to write a description, but some of us don’t actually come here for the wine. Can we have something a little more than the letter “x”?

Is that knife full tang or not?

Hey buddy, there were TWO x’s from what I saw! A capitalized AND a lowercase, what more do you want? Letters only come in so many configurations you know…

A wine.woot off. For real this time? Fuck!

This seems like a pretty good deal fro all three, great gift