Argyle Wine & Cheese Picnic set & Vacuum Pump

You should check out this way cool website called Woot. I hear they are having one of those Woot Ons or whatever you kids are calling it these days

This is never a site for sober reflection, but “vacuum pump” just brings on a lot of giggles, this late at night.

This would be a great deal if it came with wine and cheese

I have a very similar wine pump and it’s absolute crap. I hate to crap on products, but this one is junk. Not only does the wine not stay fresh longer (in fact, it seems to sour faster!) but taking the pump off is a 50/50 gamble as to whether wine will spill everywhere.

The first ever wine.woot-off, and they’ve already hit a woot off killer.

I’m so proud.

A bit of existentialism and the writeup makes sense. The set will sellout too fast to justify a writeup that doesn’t matter because it doesn’t really exist anyways. Its about as relevant as an “X!” for a headline.


more dadaist, I’d say.

They have had a Wine Woot-Off before, though I don’t think it even lasted a whole day…

What tang? It’s probably attached to the handle with Krazy Glue.

(j/k… I’m sure it’s perfectly adequate for its purpose)

Will the EWN overlords be up all night in case another Woot cellars shows up again?

I really want to go to bed, but don’t want to miss another offering of Boss Monster or the like…

My vote’s for solopsism. They did write something great, they just aren’t looking at it right now.

heh! these are actually pretty good. but i get it.


Either these have to start selling (already in for one), or’s gotta have a woot killer so that I can get some sleep.

in all fairness, the picture is pretty self-explanatory.

I keep getting a YIKES the server crapped out message when I click I Want One… Could be the reason its taking so long?

Try the “I Want 3” button… please.

C’mon, we all know it is nihilist. What is the point of writing a description. What is the point of any of this. NOTHING! Blah.

worked finally but when I say the I want one button, I mean the one to get to the order page… so there was no option to click three right then.

You have no idea how sad that makes me.