Argyle Wine & Cheese Picnic set & Vacuum Pump

If there is a wine.woot B…0 Cr. … I am in for 3. Count on it.

Do you really have to be 21 to order this?

Nonsense! Wine.woot’s for hedonism. They wrote the description to amuse themselves.

Uh, where is the vacuum pump?

Click on the image to enlarge it. It’s in the upper right corner.

I really want to buy some wine… don’t know how much longer I can stat up…

Is this knife really all-purpose?

Ugh the triple woot-off. Yikes…

All-purpose? Maybe not.
But it’ll work with a mac.

What they ought to do is when a woot off is stinkin’ up the joint is lower the price by $1 every 20 minutes it doesn’t move.

Considering what I continually hear about Buckets Of Chowder on “Woot Classic”, is a woot-off on Woot Wine a “Whine-Off”?

Ahh, woot! You had me at “Moist Towelette”

For the love of Lorem Ipsum, why would they hide it?!

“…removes air from partly full bottles…”-- now let’s see… is that less than half full… or, more than half empty?..

okay, time for pity buying.

From Quality Posts list: "ageedoy plagiarizes the Woot writers, “x!”

Brilliant Woot, just brilliant. Thanks for being awesome.

Merciful Jesus, they pulled the plug.

Darnit, didn’t see this until I woke up this morning. How sad. :frowning: It looks really good!! If anyone in the triangle NC area wants to sell one, I’d buy it! :slight_smile: