Aria Ceramic Air Fryer, 7Qt, Black

Not instant, but way better for the pot.

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My mom bought one and I think she’s used it twice. If my crockpot finally dies i’m pretty sure I can get a free instapot.


Like most other products? I mean how many massage guns do we see on woot weekly? So why call air fryers out specifically? Did they hurt u? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I didnt see you saying this in the massage gun thread just ten minutes ago!

I made chicken bruschetta last week with mine. I should do chicken tacos this week. And look up some more recipes.

OOH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU I USED MY HERB SAVER FOR MY BASIL! I thought it was stupid when I bought it but it’s really nice. Oprah was right!


I’m coming for dinner


Bring fresh tomatoes!

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Ooooh that sounds delicious!

Yay herb saver!


Yesssss slow cooked meats in less than two hours is instapot/pressure slow cooker GOLD

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My previous comment:

I still don’t trust air fryers. I’m sticking to cast iron cooking.

At least you are consistent, I’ll give you that. A bit hipster in the constant saying things are too trendy but you pass. 7.6 out of 10

And what is there to trust or not about air fryers? Like point me to some evidence to read about air fryers untrustworthiness or is it just a feeling? I want to know if its safe!

And you can throw in frozen meat. FROZEN SOLID!

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I don’t trust them. I have parrots in the house and can’t expose them to increased air pollution. There have been studies done to show they produce more than 13x higher air quality risks compared to conventional cooking methods.

I used this recipe for air fryer country style ribs. Came out great Ribs on the Power Air Fryer Pro New 10 in 1 | air fryer ribs - YouTube

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I would bet cooking sausages in a small apartment would cause air quality issues no matter how you cooked them.

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Well it’s a side by side comparison stating 13x higher levels from one than the other with the same food, but time will tell when more research is done from more research comes out.

Proper air ventilation is key for all cooking.

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Cool, link me these studies!

Looks like maybe only one study but you’re right it will probably be looked at again.

Exactly, we were gifted an Instapot and have also used it exactly twice. We even have a cool (unopened) accessory pans kit for it.

It occupies the idle space on the shelf that would be required before an Air Fryer could enter our home.

Microwave and Countertop ovens do the job fine in our modest sized kitchen.

Thats just a link to an article talking about how there is a study with no link to it