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Make some pulled pork in your instapot in less than two hours, your microwave and oven cannot do this

It’s an English summary translation due to the fact that the study was done in Taiwan.

Its quite a small study if the length of the article is any indication. Any english studies then since i am stupid and only know english?

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Yes! Or throw some frozen chicken breasts in with some taco seasoning, salsa, and broth. 20 minutes to taco meat.

What if we do not eat pork?

Pork or meat? Because if yall just dont eat pork but eat meat, substitute pork for other meats to make into soft pull apart meat but otherwise you can make beans from dehydrated beans in a small fraction of the time compared to what a day or overnight normally?

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Not offhand, the majority of US studies are based on diet not air quality. Air quality is less of an issue in the majority of the US compared to heart disease and obesity so it’s far less likely to get funded research in the US compared to areas with far less respectable air quality relying on far more research to see what’s causing the issues and what is contributing to it.

Thx, that’s more interesting… (although, the frozen chicken tenderloins we cook in about 20 minutes in our Breville convection oven come out nice and juicy.)

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Ok so no. So one study about the temporary “spike” of air pollution in an apartment with zero ventilation. Im looking forward to any other studies done! Maybe one of the hundreds of other countries besides USA will do one and hopefully focus on air fryers indoor air pollution effects

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Yeah just about every one of the articles/stories mention “improperly ventilated” kitchens/apartments. And they also mention that deep frying causes similar problems as well. I guess the moral of the story here is turn on your range hood or ceiling vent fan when you cook anything, no matter the method.


No pork, period. We use meat for flavor and have cut back on red meat. So mainly chicken and ground chuck. And fish.

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Well yeah, that’s basically common sense. The only way to remove certain TVOCs outside of activated carbon filters is to simply remove the air quality with outdoor air quality. The problem with that is not every country is the same and in some countries outdoor air quality is actually worse than indoor air quality.

Not everyone is living in the same conditions.

Word, id cut chuck (red meat) before i cut pork but to each their own! Instapot is also nice to use to have something you could cook on the range or in another appliance be cooked in the instapot to make some space or you can craft a one pot meal, set your instapot, go take a shower or get some chores done and when you come back, dinner is almost served and no babysitting the appliance at all (depending on recipe of course!)

Sure but if you have good ventilation like probably in the US the study isn’t especially relevant.


We have a deep frying station set up in our (detached garage). Due to both the odors and oil splatter. Haven’t been able to give up my French fries and chips from scratch addiction.


When can I stop by for fries? Does tomorrow work?

… except if the reason is religious.

Absolutely; if you live in an area with fine air quality and proper ventilation it’s not that big of a deal for most given the current research.

Just like for 30 years PFOAs didn’t cause cancer; because we didn’t know.

Haha, that’s not as funny as you might think!

I’ve given “care” packages of my waffle chips to friends and neighbors.

And back in school we used to have (from scratch, not the beer, although a buddy did that too) fry and beer parties in our dorm room (yes, we had a Fry Daddy) and apartments.

(Impressive, iOS found that photo on “French fry” search term amongst the 11,000 photos on my phone.)


Sure, anything that hasn’t been studied to see if it causes cancer might just cause cancer.

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