Aria Ceramic Air Fryer, 7Qt, Black

And as far as this goes, i meant why didnt you post that in the massage gun thread itself?

Well say that next time! I had a feeling but i was waiting for you to say it so i didnt come out as accusatory! Its ok! I love you!

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How long did we go before recognizing BPA wasnt good?

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Exactly why I didn’t volunteer it up front - not everyone is so tolerant. :wink:


Damn i guess my reply to this got moderated. I SAID oh right you are! Shitheads about someone being of a particular religion are so just so fuckin lame. Unless you are a follower of the church of dave woot. That place smells like asparagus pee.

I thought you were calling him a shithead. :confused:


Cant be too safe! I appreciate your vigilance!

I did say i loved him in the previous post tho :sob::sob::sob:

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