Arizona Stronghold's Dayden Dry Rosé (6)

Arizona Stronghold’s Dayden Dry Rosé 6-Pack
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2012 Arizona Stronghold Dayden Dry Rosé
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OK, I know zip, diddly, bubkiss on this wine. Any help out there?

For all you rockers out there: one of the owners of this winery is Maynard James Keenan, lead singer of Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer.

I’ve had several bottles from Maynard’s other wineries, Caudecus and Merkin. I’ve had one of this brand, but not this particular one.

Maynard’s got a tasting room in Jerome, AZ. During one of our cross-country drives, the wife agreed to a vsit to Jerome. (She didn’t realize how far off the path it was prior to agreeing.)

He makes good wine. This ain’t no Napa/Sonoma/Frenchie-French stuff. All of his grapes come from AZ, NM, and some desert regions of CA.

This isn’t dessert wine. This is desert wine. (See what I did there?)

Interesting article about the split at this winery (be sure and click “here” to read the rest) as well as an interview with the winemaker (Tool Guy I think).

Tempted to try this - love a dry rose but not familiar with Arizona wines.

I have not had this wine, but I have had the Stronghold Mandala that was offered on Woot early this year and last year:

Mandala was an excellent wine for the price… a very nice cab sav-ish/syrah-ish kinda deal (which appeared like a cab franc flavor kind of IMO). I’m very interested in this.

Also, I’ve been to a Tool concert… he thanked us for all the ticket sales… it allowed him to buy a few more acres for grapes.

Maynard is no longer associated with this wine.

Some of this appeared at the pre-Tour gathering also. I don’t remember anything specific flavour-wise, but I do remember enjoying it. At less than $10/bottle it’s a pretty good value, and if you don’t like it you can make sangria!

Bought when this was available before (July 2012) and enjoyed it. In for a case, since we still have a bit of warm weather left here in SoCal to enjoy a dry “summer” sipper.

After pounding the pavement on a humid day here in Chicago, I decided to see what was up for today’s offer. Arizona Stronghold. Hmm. I recalled having a bottle of this squirreled away in the fridge, so this would be a good time to open it.

Fridge temp: 50 degree. Cork slides out easily. Color of wine: clear and very pale pink. Initial aroma: citrus and watermelon. First taste: citrus and watermelon, with possibly a little strawberry. Finish is clean, a little dry and refreshing. Just what I needed to sip while sitting out on the deck. At less than $10 a bottle, this seems like a very reasonable price for a very tasting rose.

2012 Arizona Stronghold “Dayden” Pink Table Wine

I received a bottle of this to try and am drinking it right now.

Salmon pink color in the glass, mostly watermelon on the nose with just a little funk (yeast/cheese).

I’ve picked up watermelon on the nose and/or palate with a number of rosé wines in the past but I don’t remember the watermelon ever jumping out at me like it does with this wine. To the point that I envisioned a piece of ripe watermelon and could practically taste it and feel the texture of the juicy flesh in my mouth.

Being a fan of watermelon, this is a good start! There is more watermelon on the palate, along with some light red berries. Hard to really distinguish between raspberry, cherry, strawberry - mostly just a general sense of light red berry flavors complementing the watermelon. The watermelon is nowhere near as dominant on the palate as on the nose but it is still in the lead.

There is a little sweetness (I’d be interested to see what the RS is) but it doesn’t veer into Jolly Rancher territory. There is also a little spice that starts on the mid-palate and carries through to the finish. Medium+ acidity helps tie it all together.

This is very refreshing and enjoyable. In for a set!

Last wooter to woot: chipgreen

I too love a dry rose. Sadly, I’m familiar with AZ wines. The funny stuff (cough cough) is more truth than poetry.

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