Arizona Stronghold's Dayden Dry Rosé (6)

Arizona Stronghold 2010 Dayden Dry Rosé 6-Pack
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6 2010 Dayden Dry Rosé
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I ordered this last woot. I was described as being very dry. I didn’t find that it was that dry at all. I am a sweeter wine drinker and really enjoyed this. Don’t get me wrong, I would not label this as sweet, buts it’s not so dry you feel that you have to shave your tongue.

You’d have to be a Tool to pass up up this offering*! {rimshot}

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I have to agree with this, but from the other side. I am much more of a dry white fan that sometimes dabbles with rose and reds. I found this just a tad sweet, but highly drinkable.

I’ve also had the Mandala white, which I found to be somewhat inconsistent from bottle to bottle. This offering however was spot on as-predicted each and every time.

In for more.

This rose is a light, dry, pleasant summer drinker. Nicely balanced with a bit of fruit.

Bought 2 orders on the last round. Highly recommend if you need a rose in your summer wine selection.

Very excited about this one. Have loved similar wines I’ve bought here. Wifey will be happy.

I’m a wine newbie so be nice… What do you mean “Summer shipping is in effect”? It’s been a week and having got any shipping confirmation…

What about shipping during the summer months? How do I know my wine won’t get damaged in the heat?
Because during the summer months, your wine will be shipped with special precautions to keep it in peak drinking condition, whether that means logistical wizardry, faster delivery, refrigerated shipping, or some combination of all three. Wine Country Connect has been helping wineries get their products to consumers come heat, humidity, or dust storm for years now. Just chill. They got this.

Has anyone else encountered trouble with FedEx shipping? I received the shipping notice on July 31, but got no tracking updates until I complained to FedEx yesterday, August 8. This morning, they finally updated that they had picked up the package and moved the estimated delivery date forward several days. I really hope the delay had something to do with summer shipping by the winery, rather than what I fear–that my wine was sitting on a hot Fed Ex truck somewhere for the last ten days.