Arizona Stronghold's Dayden Dry Rosé



Arizona Stronghold 2010 Dayden Dry Rosé 6-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $78.00) 23% off List Price
6 2010 Dayden Dry Rosé
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Woohoo, my first first woot!

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looks delicious like fruit punch. but it’s dry, and i know better because i know dry means it won’t taste sweet enough to me :frowning:


Haven’t had this, but have enjoyed previous Maynard wines offered here.


I bought this simply because I love Tool!


I won’t go there.

Page springs were the best wines in the verde valley during my trip there last year, but A.S. not so much. Nearly had to spit most of it back out. That bad, that green, just plain awful. Go across the street to Pillsbury instead.


I know Woot featured a Stronghold wine before, but is this the first time they’ve sold Arizona-grown wine?

The red blend these guys made for this year’s Arizona Centennial was fantastic.


Dagnabit! I just finished balancing the checkbook, and low and behold I have a few extra pennies! I’ve been craving some seriously good Rose…and here this comes up.

My hubby and I have this strange game of “six degrees of separation”. He likes rock music, but not wine, and I like wines that rock! Needless to say, we are both big fans of Maynard’s (and Tool) (even had a cat named after him). Can’t pass this up, even with the "D"IWBM.


Did you happen to try the rosè?


I’d buy it just because I’m a big fan of Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer, but the following from the winery’s website concerns me a bit:

“To maintain the highest quality of our wines, Arizona Stronghold has suspended all wine shipments from our online store for the duration of the summer months. We will resume shipping when cooler weather prevails. To find a retail location contact your local distributor”

Is Woot now offering summer shipping? Seems like too much of a gamble to ship to South Florida with regular ground shipping right now.

Also, off topic, but as an Amazon Prime customer, I’m wondering if Woot ever plans on offering Amazon Prime members free 2 day shipping like regular Amazon purchases?


Same here. The Stronghold Mandala was surprisingly good, which puts me firmly on the fence, as I only know about the winemakers, not the grapes (the mandala was California grapes). Hmm…

Also, here’s Maynard talking wine on Tim and Eric:



Yay! Rosé, I have been waiting patiently for thee!

In for three…


There’s a documentary centered around this winery called “Blood into Wine” available on NetFlix. I think I watched it ‘streraming’ back when, but it looks like it might only be available there on DVD now.


Probably not this vintage, but I do recall trying some pink juice resembling rosè.


Main page lists Maryland shipping, but the order page is telling me that they can’t ship this offer to MD. Anyone else have this problem?

I sent an email to, but thought I’d post here as well in case there were some woot folks lurking around that could help.


At least one person on Yelp liked this Rose’.


Yes, we are in Summer shipping mode. Wine Country Connect has summer shipping down to an art at this point. However, if you ever receive a bottle with a problem, email


Looks like 6, not 1, to me!


Don’t know where to post this because I can’t find anything anymore :wink:

Although I haven’t wooted too often, I used to check in all the time. However, with that obnoxious popup asking me if new to register or existing customer to sign in, well, I hardly even bother to see what’s going on anymore. Just sayin’.