Arizona Stronghold Dala Chardonnay (5)

Arizona Stronghold Dala Chardonnay 5-Pack
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2010 Dala Chardonnay
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You do realize there are no tasting notes at this site…

You should send these off to, where it is summer wine season!

So, Arizona Chardonnay… I was expecting to hate it, but I found it surprisingly okay.

This one is still plenty lively for a 2010 Chard. It is crisp, with a tame tartness, but it is more rounded than a stainless Chard. It’s starting to make sense now that I read it was done in neutral oak. I gave this a 7/10.

Some other tasters noted that it was a bit buttery, which I didn’t really pick up on. It certainly isn’t a butter bomb.

someone after my heart :slight_smile:

However Brandini Toffee is OK