Arizona Stronghold Red Table Wine (6)

Arizona Stronghold Red Table Wine (6)

bought this set last time around and have had 2 or three bottles. No formal notyes buut it is a well made sangio based blend that is not oaky nor high alcohol. Easy weekday drinker that does its job perfectly. I am not sure I would pay the SRP but at the current price it is a fair one. Not aN OUT OF THIS WORLD qpr BUT most will enjoy.

Wife loves it BTW.

Intense flavors? Washed out? Price is low enough to add this one to this week’s already purchased woot wines , but sure would like to see a few more specific impressions or comments, if you can remember. Thanks!

Check out this link for other notes

What the heck.
Might as well see what the positive buzz about Arizona reds was about. 6 degrees ABOVE zero in Minnesota this morning means summer and Sangria is not too far away, if all else fails.

ddeuddeg, hope you don’t work for the vineyard!