Arizona Stronghold White Blend (6)

Arizona Stronghold White Blend 6-Pack
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2011 “Tazi” Arizona White Table Wine
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My abbreviated tasting notes;
Synthetic cork closure, pale gold color. Can definitely tell it’s a Sauv Blanc blend from the nose - grapefruit and lemongrass aromas. On the palate, the Sauv Blanc and Riesling intermingle in an interesting way. Sauv Blanc still leads the way but notes of pear and apple from the Riesling are evident along with a somewhat oily texture (not quite viscous). The Chenin Blanc adds some minerality and additional complexity.

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Its a shame Woot keeps offering white wines from Arizona. Arizona’s climate and soil where Arizona Stronghold is grown is better suited to red wine grapes. In fact my favorite red wines come from Arizona.
Come on Woot. Show Arizona’s good side and offer red instead.

I got 3 bottle of this from previous Woot plus deal that mixed 4 types of Arizona stronghold wines(3 white and 1 red). Among all those four types, the red is my favorite (although I should call it pink). At $10 per bottle, they are reasonable buy.
The white are very crisp and I recommend chill before serve. Wish summer come quicker, and I can enjoy them in the park.